Anyone who enjoys collecting information and helping others unveil the truth should always consider a private investigator’s career.

Qualities That You Should Have

If your communication skills are good, it’s always a plus. You should have an eye for details and analysis. You must be honest and must have the ability to set up a business on your own. The emotional part is also quite important as you should be empathic towards clients who would be devastated by the evidence you bring them.

You must be aware of the tasks that you, as a private investigator, are most likely to be doing. You may have to handle private cases such as adultery, divorce, etc. You may also have to handle commercial cases in suspected fraud, company theft, etc.

Personality Requirements

Besides the personality requirements, you will need a private investigators license from the SIA (Security Industry Authority). It is considered a crime if anyone takes private investigation as an occupation without the license.

If you’ve had previous jobs with the British Police Investigators, it is always a plus. You may also have to have a valid driving license.

You may also need some extensive forensic training if you want to work as a police investigator.

Enroll In The PI Academy Program

To become a private investigator, military investigator or a police investigator in England or anywhere around the UK, you may want to enroll in the PI Academy program. This helps you make an initial plan for working as a part time investigator until you can set up your own private investigation agency and gives you a certificate of being a nationwide recognizable investigator. This Academy, unlike any other enterprise, really provides you with what you paid for. No fake promises and no fraud. After you finish a course with the PI Academy, you’re ready to go.

If you go through private investigation journals or police records, you will definitely gain some experience through the works of others.

Professionalizing Investigation Program (PIP)

You also need to know about the PIP (Professionalizing Investigation Program) which is definitely beneficial to anyone seeking a police investigator’s occupation. This program ensures that the person applying for the investigator’s job is qualified and well-trained and is able to perform high quality investigations. It is a program consisting of 2 levels where the first level deals with priority investigations as arson, murders, robberies, etc. The second level, deals with assaults whether violent or sexual.

It’s obvious that anyone who enrolls in such a program  becomes a qualified investigator.

It’s not a very hard task to become an investigator in the UK. Although the outlined qualities are the foundations of becoming a Detective, our Private Investigators have all the attributes detailed above.