To become a private investigator in British Colombia you will have to be registered as a security services provider. According to the law, private investigators are supposed to apply for licensing before they begin offering services to clients. It is important to note that PIs cannot offer their services directly to clients but must go through a registered PI firm in BC. If you wish to own your own Private eye business you must apply for licensing as well. After this licensing you can then offer your investigative services through your own company in line with the law.

Due to the many laws and regulations one must follow so as to get licensed as a private detective in BC, aspiring investigators need a point of reference to act as their guide to this fascinating career choice. Below we will look at the steps to becoming a private investigator in British Columbia today.

Apply To The Registrar

To work as a private detective in BC you must apply to the Registrar for private detectives so as to be considered for licensing. The application can only be made after completing the online training course on Introduction to Private Investigation which may be deemed as an equivalent to the SIA Award in the UK, provided by the Private Security Network. Alternatively, one must complete a course that is deemed to be an equivalent to the one stated above but offered through another school.

Skip Taking The Test

However, if you are from another province in the country and would want to be licensed offering PI services in BC or work in a related domain, you have to be licensed as well. You can skip taking the test provided that you have documentation showing that you already possess the skills learnt by taking the course; and the registrar concludes the same. The previous training must be attained through a recognize institution and of the same level as the prescribed test.

After certification, it is important to note that you cannot just get down working offering your services to clients directly. As a licensed investigator you will have to seek employment in an organization licensed to offer these services. Alternatively you can start your own private investigations services company.

It is important to note that just like anywhere else in the world, additional training in courses that can help offer specialized investigative services is a plus. Prior experience in law enforcement and the armed forces also lays a great foundation for the establishment of a career as a private investigator.

To apply for the business license in this sector, you must first have an unrestricted PI license. Once you have this qualifications applying and getting the business license is easy and straight forward. Before you are granted the license however you must have Errors and Omissions Insurance as well as Commercial General Liability insurance. These policies are necessary to ensure that any claims against you and your company are adequately covered. Membership in the Professional Investigator’s Association in BC can help you save some cash when it comes to getting the necessary insurance cover for the business.