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Private Investigators UK provide you the best investigations concerning your business problems. Our highly skilled and experienced private investigators lead these services. Our detectives are capable of taking control in any given situation. A case manager will assist you throughout the investigation. This service is second to none in UK.

Our corporate investigation service includes many services like checking into a new company that interests you, hiring high end staff, new employee CV investigations, employee monitoring and background checks etc. Our services are very effective as our private agency provides the best and experienced investigators. And our detectives can enable themselves to cope with any situation. Also our private investigation is highly up to date as our detectives use high technological systems.

So, call Private Investigators UK now to locate out the truth. You’ll get 25 years’ experience and can get the most effective UK Private Detectives operating for you.

Nonetheless sensitive or complicated your circumstance, we can be of assistance.

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PC/Email Forensics

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PC/Email Forensics

Employee Monitoring

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PC/Email Forensics


PC/Email Forensics

Private Investigators UK: Corporate Investigations Case Study

The management department of a high end shoe shop contacted our friendly Private Investigators UK office. They expressed concern about missing stock from their stock room. They at first ignored the matter but days were passing and more and more stock was going missing. Having attempted to look into the matter in house nothing turned up. Then they heard about our services from a former client of ours and they desired assistance from our private investigator. Our private investigator in UK took the case in hand and told the client that they handled this type of problem very often. Our friendly private eye assured the management department to keep faith in them.

Our experienced and highly skilled private detective suggested the management department to set hidden cameras in the stock room to catch the thief red handed. They consented to our wise detective’s advice. Then our private investigator in UK set several hidden cameras in hidden places so that no one could be able to see them. Days were passing very rapidly and our private detective kept keen eyes on the big screen on his computer. The moment came when everything became crystal clear. A sales representative entered into the stock room and took some pairs of shoes in a big bag and left the room very cautiously. Our private investigator recorded the whole thing and submitted the video track immediately to the management department.

The management department were pleased to find out the real thief and recognized him immediately. They at once arranged an emergency meeting with the guy. The sales representative at first denied the fact of theft and threatened them to file a case against them of dishonouring him. Our client laughed at him and showed him the video track provided by our experienced private hand. He then admitted the matter silently. The management department at once sacked him from the job and told him to leave the shop otherwise they would inform the police. The authority expressed their gratitude to our private service and vowed to tell others about our reputation.