A hidden assets search is a boon for corporate investigations. It can help enforce judgment payments and prove existence of resources.

 Asset Searches

Locating and recovering hidden assets is an absolutely critical task. It can empower you to recover funds from former business partners, help you enforce legal judgments awarding you financial damages, or even, recovering money wrongfully wrested from you by unscrupulous people or corrupt politicians during your business dealings. Due to a high level of globalization, and the pervasion of technology in every field of life, acquiring and moving an asset discreetly has become a breeze. Apart from remotely acquiring assets over the internet, it is also possible to launder money in the form of virtual currencies like Bit Coin.

What Are The Assets Located

We can locate just about any type of asset that is of potential value to our clients. We can locate cars, aircraft, watercraft, trust accounts, brokerage accounts, property, and investments in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, offshore bank accounts and hidden investments and even companies owned by the individual! These assets are a great way to launder money without anyone knowing about it. Often, individuals and companies claim non possession of funds, simply to evade making payments. This is both unfair and illegal. Apart from this, if a client plans to acquire a company, he or she may choose to employ us to ratify the claims of partnerships and ownership made by the company being acquired.

How Hidden Assets Are Located

Like all investigations, private investigators working on hidden assets cases first work to collect all the information relating to the case. In case the asset search is being done to make good on an old debt, it is usually started by gleaning as much information as possible from the client to whom the debt is owed, or a payment is to be made. Following this, we look at the existing bank account information of the individual or company, their tax filings and then, we look at the items for which the individual or company is paying taxes.

Why Perform A Hidden Assets Search

Hidden asset searches can prove very rewarding. Any assets and bank accounts found can be used to enforce judgment collection, probate cases, divorce and court cases. Asset Searches form an integral part of corporate investigations and are carried across all of UK by seasoned private detectives and investigators. Apart from large corporations, many lawyers also employ hidden asset searches. Also, soon to be divorces couples use these searches to get an actual idea of what assets their spouse owns. An asset is not always hidden, sometimes, its value as an asset is simply not realized until an asset search is done!

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years of experience, we have an excellent team of private detectives working in our corporate investigations department. They can help find any asset no matter how well – hidden. With a very result driven approach, we have a reputation for being the best in the business and have garnered a lot of respect among professionals. Our team has individuals skilled in intelligence gathering, accountancy, law enforcement, cyber investigation and data analytics. We can easily gather evidence in the most unlikely of places and have a flair for solving cases often touted as impossible.