The computer has become an integral part of any office environment. Thus, computer forensics is gaining popularity in corporate circles.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is basically a branch of forensics that analyzes all the information on a computer to find legal evidence pertaining to any crime. With digital crimes at an all – time high, it is absolutely essential to utilize this resource to the maximum. This can help greatly in identifying and punishing the people responsible for committing a crime. A digital crime is very easy to commit and hence, very difficult to catch. Lately however, there has been resurgence in the technologies associated with identifying digital trails left by criminals. If this technology is productively used, it is possible to make it impossible to commit digital crime without getting caught.

In The Workplace

No office can function without a workplace. Even the simplest of businesses like a little mom and pop store needs a computer to track its customers, generate invoices, work out income, taxes, profits, etc. Thus, it is impossible to have a workplace without a computer. Computers can expose a large company to very many dangerous scenarios. Some of the most common examples include using electronic communication systems to leak trade secrets from inside the company. Alternately, an unscrupulous employee may leak sensitive documents to a third party. Apart from this, the administration of the company can fudge financial records to inflate or deflate the value of a company.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is one of the first and most important techniques employed in computer forensics. Here, as the name suggests, all the data available on the computer is collected. This typically includes deleted data. At Private Investigators UK, we have an experienced team of detectives who can easily achieve this task. The collected data is then mined, i.e. analyzed in detail to find out any information that can be used to implicate a person, or used as evidence in a court of law. Nowadays, technology to compare data across hard disks exists. This makes it very easy to spot irregularities in data obtained from hard disks.

Email Analysis

Emails can also be analyzed in great detail by using computer forensics. Due to the wide array of tools existing for this, a new branch, email forensics has emerged from the conventional computer forensics. Email forensics can track any email sent. It can see who received the email, which sent the email, when it was sent and from which computer it was sent. This can greatly help reduce the number of suspects in a cyber – crime. Also, details of incoming emails can be scrutinized in equal detail.

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