When conducting a fraud investigation interview, you need to be equipped with questions that will make the investigation successful. UK private investigators need to make the most of every interview. The investigation interview entails getting first hand information from interviewees or witnesses who are involved to the subject of the investigation.

Private investigators UK have no standard set of questions to ask when conducting the interview, but tips below will help private investigators in the UK to structure fraud-based interviews. Well prepared UK private investigator’s questions will trip up the witnesses or interviewees and fraudsters to disclose more than they intend, although this the main aim of the investigator to conduct the interview.

To carry out a thorough and successful fraud investigation interview, it not a must you be Sherlock Holmes. However, it is important to use your inner private detective techniques. This kind of an investigation interview requires a lot of work and time, but you need to turn your investigation from dull and boring to awesome. A better fraud investigation interview is not all about asking questions and getting answers, but well prepared and a small questionnaire with an immense puzzle. Private investigators in the UK need to have the tips below at their fingertips to get the most out of their fraud investigation interviews.

Have A goal

The goals play an important role in shaping the investigation interviews so that you can put everything in viewpoint.

Carryout Research

Prior to interview, you should do a lot of digging to get to know more about the interviewees (both the witnesses and fraudsters). This helps you to understand the relationship and possible biases or in case there is a long chain of people involved in the fraud scheme.

Provide Evidence During Interview

The evidence can be in the form of expense reports, emails, electronic files and any other relevant evidence accessible for reference purposes.

Background Questions

During the investigation interview, try to include basic background questions to test the interviewee’s reaction.

Ask For Clarification

In case, there are confusing facts in the investigation; it is advisable to get statements clearly to be able to understand the interviewee’s fraud story.

As an UK private investigator, your questions should be structured like the following questions in most investigatory interviews:

  1. The company has reason(s) to suspect you are part of the recent fraud. Tell me why you think most employees mention you?

This question is asked to the person who is being suspected of committing the fraud.

  1. How did you know person X was among the fraudsters or involved in the fraud scheme? (Eyewitness, rumour mill, hearsay or any other source.

This question is asked to the witness to state their source of information.

  1. If the fraud is true, how will you plead or explain your strategy to prove your innocence?

The suspect is given an opportunity to tell what they know.

  1. What was your action since the incident occurred or what steps did you take to stop the fraud from happening?

The top management is given a chance to explain to the private investigator in the UK the action taken.

  1. Who else was involved in this act?

The investigator can ask this question to all the interviewees during the investigation interview.