Fraud investigation service entails a specialized investigation process aimed at exposing suspected fraudulent dealings by parties inside or outside a company.

Fraud Investigation Service

In the world cases of fraud are a common occurrence. Fraud is generally defined as the collusion of individuals either within or without the company to gain undue advantage in an illegal way. Therefore fraud can be perpetrated by company insiders or third parties in collusion with insiders. Companies have controls in place to prevent fraud; employees try to circumvent these controls when perpetrating fraud. Fraud investigation service is important in exposing detected fraud cases. When employees or management are involved in fraudulent dealings, detecting these cases is quite difficult. In most cases it takes a whistle blower to expose a fraudulent scheme. After the fraud is detected then fraud investigation service is required.

How To Commence Fraud Investigations

Many fraud schemes are perpetrated through careful planning and therefore require a lot of skill to uncover. In the event that you discover fraud perpetrated in your company the first thing you do should be to consider the best way to uncover the fraud. Since the whistle blower in just points to the existence of fraud it is up to management to determine how to proceed from there. It is recommended that you seek the services of external investigators as they will be objective in their investigations. Ensure that you get qualified professionals to conduct the investigations so that the investigations are exhaustive.

Suitability Of Investigators

The chosen investigators should be skilled in debriefing as they will be interviewing employees that they deem important to their investigation. Since most transactions and communication in the corporate world is computerized it is important that the chosen team of investigators have email and data analysis specialist. A forensic accounting specialist is also required to lead the collection of fraudulent accounting evidence. Most importantly there should be a legal specialist to deal with the legal aspects of the investigation. A team composed of the above specialist is suited to conducting fraud investigations as they are all essential in collecting evidence of the suspected fraud from different areas.

Fraud Investigations Plan

The investigators chosen as the best suited to conduct the investigations should come in with an appropriate action plan to conduct the investigation. The plan should include initial steps taken to understand the fraud scheme, evidence collection methods and how the final report will be issued and what it will contain. The investigators should first debrief the whistle blower to get all the information they have on the perpetrated fraud. In this case the investigators should have great interviewing skills. The investigators should then commence on evidence gathering using different techniques. Forensic accounting specialists are involved in inspecting financial records, while computer forensics specialists inspect and retrieve computerized data important to the investigation. A legal expert ensures that all evidence collected can be used in court.

Why Choose Professional Investigators

UK private detectives are a collection of seasoned specialists highly experienced in many different investigations. Depending on your requirements we can provide you with quality fraud investigations. Our team is highly skilled and qualified in evidence collection, conducting interviews, and providing legal assistance in cases of fraud. Qualified investigators will guarantee professional competency and discretion in a timely fashion.