Fraud is becoming very easy to commit nowadays. This is primarily due to the modern world being dominated by electronics and the internet age. Traditional locks have almost universally been replaced by electrical systems. While earlier, transferring money from one bank account to another required using checks signed by the account owner, in today’s internet age, such transfers can be effected in seconds.

All one needs is a few passwords. A large number of people are becoming experts in hacking devices and accounts, fraud is increasing. However, there has also been a rise in the quality of technology to help in fraud investigations. Thus, while it is easier to commit fraud, it is also easier to get caught.

Types Of Identity Theft

Nowadays, identity theft is so rampant that it has become a house hold word. Even young kids are well aware of what identity theft is. An Identity thief, while commonly targeting individuals, have come to the realization that targeting a business is much more lucrative, cost – effective and rewarding. This has created a recent near epidemic of cases of business identity theft. Identity thieves are skilled and manipulate regional and national registries to get access to sensitive tax and bank account information about companies. They then target these companies, often causing losses in the six figure range by the time they are caught and shut down.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is, was and will always be one of the most major challenges facing the insurance industry. While there are a large number of genuine claims, there is also a sizable portion of fraudulent claims. Being wary of these claims, insurance companies have in general made the process of settling claims a very painstaking tiresome one, earning them bad reputations. However, we can easily detect insurance fraud and can help insurance firms safeguard themselves against such clients. We can work to find out exactly how someone damaged their car, or we can actually see whether an item reported lost or stolen is actually lost or stolen.

About Us

Private Investigators UK has been working on fraud investigations for very many years now. We understand the need for privacy of such investigations. Our team of highly dedicated detectives treats every investment with the confidentiality and respect it deserves. Apart from on – site investigations, we have developed in house software to help aid in the process of catching fraud. We can offer you assistance not only to help catch and remedy the fraud already committed, but also to avoid future fraud.