A fraud investigation is the process used to detect evidence or determine if fraud has occurred or taken place. Fraud is a deliberate act conducted by one or more individuals among employees, management, or third parties, which includes the use of dishonesty to acquire an illegal advantage.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud is known to be a real problem and very costly in today’s world, which may cause loss of life, money and injuries. Fraud is considered as a misrepresentation of facts with the intention to deceive the targeted audience. Fraud investigations start with meeting between the client and investigator. As a client (the person launching the investigation), you need to explain to the fraud investigator the reason why suspected fraud has occurred and also show evidence. A trained and experienced investigator will make good use of this information to get more facts and evidence.

Fraud Investigators

It is essential to go for a UK private investigator that has a degree in accounting or business, as well as advanced certification in investigation, finance and auditing. Fraud investigators are also found in consumer protection departments within police departments and government agencies. Private investigators in UK usually use a three-step approach when conducting their investigation. These steps include:

  • Collect and secure all oral and tangible evidence in a consistent manner to guarantee admissibility
  • Analyze evidence
  • Hand over the evidence to the client within the set timeline.

Kinds Of Fraud Investigations

There are different kinds of fraud investigations including; corporate investigations, worker’s compensation investigations, financial investigations, insurance fraud investigations, identity fraud investigation, accounting investigation and general fraud investigation. Fraud costs the nation millions of dollars yearly or as an individual you may lose your wealth and ruin your reputation. It’s everyone’s best interests to stop fraud and fraud investigation is the best channel to seek justice and get compensation.

UK private investigators use technology such as computers to conduct interviews, forensic analysis and data analytics. On the other hand, electronic investigation is not only just for network computers and laptops, but also servers, offsite personal computer and accountant’s files.

Private investigators UK, with the use of forensic group, usually analyze;

  • Databases activity and input of all users
  • Recently opened, accessed, deleted or created computer files
  • Computer files and documents that are hidden, encrypted or password protected
  • Sent and received emails
  • Internet banking activities or online transactions

At times, fraud investigations can be difficult and complicated due to a number of reasons. One of them being, fraudsters usually cover their criminal acts to avoid prosecution. The other difficulty is usually experienced by the investigator when trying to prove that the fraud was intentional. This is useful in a legal case to be able to prosecute the fraudster. You need a competent UK private investigator to fruitfully complete the facet of a fraud investigation. Fraud investigation requires patience, cooperation and the right knowledge.

If you suspect any fraud, it is advisable to contact a fraud investigator with recommendable skills, background, and experience.