How does one feel when she or he is involved in cheating and could there be any lesson one learns after everything is over? Here is the latest experience one woman shared with one of our private investigators:

“I have been in marriage for quite some time, we are no longer as close as we used to be, and the ember is off… nothing of the normal stuff is left. This lets me loose.

My man was a little older and unperturbed with my marital status. Needless to say, he was attractive and swift, he looked light and just the right person for me.

Everything was done through phone – very strange that was! We shared very little of our bodies, in cars. We spent a few nights together: a sickening guilty conscience. Inebriated by the excitement, I felt infatuated but I was reluctant. Yes, he was the first to pull the trigger. Maybe he oversaw what was in the offing. The fire in him died, there was change in his language and finally, we called it quits.

I am happy things did end as they did, my family wasn’t hurt and above all, I don’t feel very much dejected. My heart skips a beat at times when I recall the relationship but I manage to put things under control. I had a brief taste of two parallel worlds governed by different rules.”

Having played audience to this daring woman’s confession, as an experienced private investigator firm, there are few lessons we believe you will find necessary to learn before you decide to have an affair.

Days Are Never The Same Again

Since you are engaging into an extra marital affair, chances are that you will be tempted to do things without considering your family back home. For instance, you can decide to stay out late on a Monday under the pretext that you are having late lessons or working late or just watching an interesting movie with friends – things that look more practical on such days. The only problem here is that the two of you will only find peace in places where there are very few people – and meet only those committing the same kind of treachery.

Opposites Attract

Is your husband a young man? You will definitely go for someone older. Is he hard working? You will definitely feel contented with someone you can idle around with. Is he an extrovert? You will feel happy lazing around with an introvert. What do we mean here? – We tend to be attracted to people who are directly the opposite of our partners.

Learning A New Lingo

The romantic things you and your husband share – baby, honey, sweetheart – may seem senseless to your new love so you must find something new.

Confiding In Strangers

You feel so secretive that instead of sharing it with someone who might be willing to give you audience and make criticism, you will spill it to those you think are going to say things you would love to hear.

Living On A Higher Budget

It is obvious that will want to look more impressive for your new love. You will need to purchase new outfits – dresses, pants and bras. But the question is, is your man worth the expenses? He may not be!

Having looked at all these things, you will definitely realize having an affair isn’t just a matter of seeing someone out of wedlock; it may affect your life in various ways. We therefore advise that you change your ways.