Affairs are constantly being common in this century as more and more married people are being associated with it. It is not a recommendable practice as such, however as much you may think you are benefiting. There are some challenges that are bound to occur which may lead to an end of your marriage. Affairs always have bad ending especially where children are involved. In order to save their marriages, people in UK are seeking the services of our private detectives to try and ascertain of their spouses are cheating or not.

How Do Private Detectives Help In Catching A Cheating Spouse?

There are certain patterns and traits that will signal if your spouse is cheating or not. If they start coming home too late or staying out late for a ‘supposed’ drinks with the girlfriends, or rather when they start coming home with gifts (which they were not doing before), then you have to be extra careful with your spouse. These are just some of the signs that you will experience when your spouse starts cheating. Our private detectives are specialists in dealing with cases of cheating spouse. They use different techniques such as surveillance to track down the activities of your spouse.

Surveillance Techniques

As mentioned above, our private investigators use surveillance techniques to determine if your spouse is cheating or not. Some of the techniques include using GPS trackers to know the location of your spouse, checking footage from video cameras to see who they have met and also putting audio recorders in their gadgets such as computers and mobile phones. We always try to uncover all the relevant information that may be useful in determining if your spouse is actually cheating or not. Checking the spouse’s conversations in social media sites is also a technique use on pinning down a cheating spouse. Our detectives incorporate all the necessary techniques that yield good results after the investigation.

Effectiveness Of Private Detectives In Solving Divorce Cases

Divorce has always been a painful experience for both parties and much worse when children are involved. This is why our private detectives do not advise you to consider this option but if you choose to do, then it should be done over a gradually and not rapid. This is in order to make it comfortable for both parties. Our private investigators uncover all the truth about assets and other information that pertain to a divorce petition.

How Long Does It Take To Solve A Cheating Spouse Case?

This usually varies with the case in question. There are some instances where the spouse is cheating using diverse means and thus it will take more time for the private detective to solve that case. However, with the many years of experience, our private investigators always end up solving the cases within the shortest time possible.


Our services are very professional and we make sure that we maintain the confidentiality of the information provided to us by our clients. No other person will be given access to the findings of the investigation as well as the identity of the client.

Always feel free to seek the services of our well experienced private investigators when in doubts of your cheating spouse.