Cheating Signs

He wasn’t fully ready for a relationship at the beginning. Yet he didn’t avoid it & he was damn serious. You were also okay with it because you thought he was cute & trustworthy, and you might think he’ll change your life. But reality turned out differently. Now you are assuming that your boyfriend has cheated on you & you want some more evidence to be 100% sure. Ok!! Let’s find out some cheating signs of your boyfriend. You can have a look around these hints we have talked about, but for delicate cases we’ll advice you to consult a private investigator.


You’ll normally find his mobile on airplane mode. You can’t see incoming texts, calls or photos in this particular mode. Your suspicion starts from there. Don’t be surprised if he started wearing a ponymale. It is just another obvious sign. Notice if he is taking his phone with him while going to bathroom because it is a suspicious behaviour from any point of view. To get a pin point analysis on your boyfriend’s infidelity you can certainly hire a private detective.

Signs Showing Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

He has lots of female friends and a few guy friends. He might show excuses of hanging out with tons of friends, but you haven’t met such huge buddies of him ever!! Lately his phone battery is dying rather quickly than before. Yes!! These are the signs showing your boyfriend is cheating on you. Infidelity signs are not constant, it varies from relationship to relationship & person to person. So discussing things with an expert like a private investigator can make things easier for you.

Losing Interests In Sex

He won’t give much attention to you & eventually you’ll find him ruining your sexy times. According to the investigation of our private investigators, inadequate interest in sex is one of the major signs of infidelity. They have also mentioned that keeping secrets from your spouse is very common in this field.

Telling Random Lies

Suddenly he would become a shitty communicator & takes forever to answer your texts. He is probably busy with texting other girls & that is the reason why he is not answering. Occasionally agreeing to plans & backing out later will become a part of his characteristics. You will find him falling off the map more often than not. He will start breaking your trust & he will commence it by telling random lies.

Checking Out The Social Media Activities Of Your Boyfriend

You can surf around the things he is doing in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check out the friend list, comments on his status or photos, shares & likes in Facebook. You can even try to get his login password. Definitely you can discover a lot of his secret activities.

If your boyfriend is liking or sharing the photos of half-naked girls in Instagram then it is a warning sign. Be very very careful!!!….Ask for the help of our private investigators if required. They can even give you appropriate consultation on how to deal with the situation after being cheated by your boyfriend. Life is beautiful, so take care & enjoy it.