It is painful to discover that the person you cared about might not be feeling the same way about you. It is necessary to face the agonizing truth and put your restless mind at ease. If you feel like your boyfriend’s attention has wavered, following are a few things you could notice or do if you feel betrayed:

Notice Changes

Chances are that your boyfriend’s behaviour will change if he is involved with another woman. The changes can prevail in one of two ways. He might become the best boyfriend in the world out of his guilt about cheating on you. Or he will become distant and make doleful excuses to compensate.

If he is suddenly bringing you flowers every day or complimenting you a lot more than he usually does, these are clear signs of the former. He may also be doing the opposite by not spending enough time with you and making excuses like he has to stay out late for work or if he has started having many ‘boys nights’ out. The best thing to do at this point is to make a list of all the things that seem different. If you truly feel like something is up, hire a private investigator to look into him.

Look Out For Frail Excuses

If he is investing his time and energy with another person, he may pretend to be sick, working overtime or even say that he is busy cleaning his apartment when it comes to being with you. He might complain about not being hungry and even avoid or cancel lunch and dinner dates with you. He might even ask a mutual friend to reconfirm his claims of being busy while he is out wining and dining another lady. If you feel you do not trust even his close friends, hire and inform your detective about the details so they can easily discover any hidden secrets.

Behavioural Traits

Check if he is suddenly very grumpy or moody all the time. See if he is extremely private about his phone, messages and emails. There is a chance that he is hiding evidence and at the same time distancing himself from you. If your boyfriend is cheating on you, an obvious change can be observed in his sex drive. He may make excuses, to avoid a lot of action in the bedroom. On the other hand if his mood is always great and cheery all the time, something that was not so before, the possibility exists that someone new has turned his life around. He may even have an increased sex drive. Also, if he tries new things in the bedroom he probably picked them up from someone else. Keep a check for any traits that were not an integral part of his personality before.


The investigation is the most painful task and it is better to leave it up to your private investigator to take care of the dirty work. Instruct your detective to follow the suspect and see if he actually goes where he claimed to be. Have the investigator keep tabs on when he checks in and out of work and if he is actually working overtime. Tell your private investigator to hang around his apartment to see who goes in and out and what times. If he avoids attending your calls at these times then he must definitely be up to something. The private investigator will help you provide proof.

A private investigation is the best way to keep your conscience clear.