Trust in a relationship is the core thing that sustains them. However, there are other partners that have been caught red handed cheating on their spouses. Suspecting that your partner is one of the cheaters? Worry no more because our private detectives use the best techniques to help you catch cheating partners. There are different signs that a cheating partner will show and our private investigators use those to simplify their investigation works.

Monitoring Behavioural Changes In Your Partner

After you have spent some time with your partner, it’s likely that you will learn patterns of their normal behaviours. When it comes a time that they tend to change their behaviour from the normal, then you need to be alarmed that your partner is cheating on you. Some of the behavioural changes include regular visits to a new gym, buying sexy clothes which she wears away from home, wearing hair sprays, colognes and perfumes more often among others. It will not be a surprise that your partner is cheating on you if they adapt these changes which they never had before. Our private investigators always monitor these behavioural changes to trace a cheating partner.

Financial Tracking

Finance is the best sign that a private investigator can use to catch a cheating partner. If there are withdrawals that are unaccounted for in your account, then you need to take care. Our private detectives can track the movements of your spouse to see where the lump sum withdraws occurred. Another scenario that happens is that your partner can open another account without your knowledge. This can only mean that they are using the money from the new account to finance their affair.

Use Of Lie Detectors

Lie detectors are some of the essential equipment that our private investigators use to get crucial information from suspects. A client can choose to either come up with their own ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions or leave it for our private investigators to make the questions. The lie detectors have been found to have a success rate of 90% thus can be used to catch cheating partners. Our private detectives have experience in using the polygraphs.

GPS Tracking Software’s And Devices

We use tracking devices to track the positions of partners that are thought to be cheating. The tracking devices can be installed in cars and mobile phones so that they can give the location of a person at a given position. Our private detectives always install the trackers in such a way that the subject will not know of its presence. If the location your spouse does not correlate with the one on the GPS tracker, then it is a red alarm that your spouse may be up to no good.

Social Media Surveillance

One of the ways that you can catch your cheating spouse is checking their conversations in social media pages. There is a lot of information that people convey in their social media pages and that is a platform that our private investigators use to get information about that partner. This involves installing different software’s on the person’s phone and computer machines so as to monitor the social media conversations of the cheating partners.