Your relationship seemed to be a perfect one. You have often boasted to friends and family how lucky you are to have such a partner but recently, things just begin to change. You are not as certain as you use to be. According to private investigators, here are some tips you can use to get some clues and signs for yourself.

Be Honest With Yourself

You are going to be the best judge for any changes in their behaviour and attitude. Do they now have less time to spend with you or do they forget to buy gifts like they usually do. Usually these are tell-tale signs of cheating.

How Often Do They Say “I Love You”?

Remember when it was all rosy and how they couldn’t wait to let out a soft “I love you”? Now do they still have that compassion towards you? It’s easier to write it in texts than they would say it.

Watch Out For Mistakes

Unless your partner is a professional cheater and deserves an award to that effect, most cheating partners tend to make mistakes. Mistakes come in different forms; they could forget things about you that they usually keep to heart. Worse off is when they mistake your name!

Check Their Phone

In this modern age, a phone is the best place to hide secrets and also a great place to find clues. If you are lucky enough, they may have not protected their phone with password. Look for clues on social media, it the one-stop place for present day cheaters.

Watch Their Routine

There’s a big difference what they said they did and what they actually did. Cheating partners come up with good excuses for what their other partner wants to hear. For instance, going to the mall is a common excuse used when cheating. Now look to see what they bought and if the hours spent at the mall corresponds with the quantity of what they bought.

Follow Your Partner Secretively

If you feel this is a bit extreme, you can always hire the services of a private investigator. These are professionals that use modern gadgets to track the movement of your spouse. They also get evidence in photos and videos to help you verify.

Talk To Mutual Friends

While many people will not advise talking to your friends because they tend to be biased, it’s good to hear other people’s opinion on such matters. Also find mutual friends and talk to them about how you are feeling. If they care enough, they will help ensure you don’t get hurt. They do this by secretly talking to your partner or finding out secretly of there’s any cause for alarm.