With the advancement of technology, our private investigators have devised ways in which they can use the latest technology to catch cheating spouses and partners. Surveillance has always been one of the most popular ways that the detectives use to monitor the activities of the spouses under investigation.

Our detectives are also following the current trend of technology and have trained on how to use some of the equipment’s during investigation. There are a number of surveillance equipment’s that our detectives use to spy on such spouses.

PC/Email Forensics

There are different spying software’s that have been developed to help spy on spouses you suspect to be cheating on you. Our private investigators use these types of sophisticated software’s to spy on the subjects and extract crucial information that will help on that case. Software’s which collect information from all the social media sites that you always access from your gadgets. These software’s bypasses all the passwords and firewalls that your spouse’s uses and collects information from those avenues.

Phone/Text Forensics

This is another technological advancement that the private detectives use to locate the location of the subject being spied. It nearly works on the same concept as the GPS tracker although it has some advanced features. Private detectives install this software on phones that the subject use to download content from the internet cloud (such as iTunes) after which his/her location can be easily detected once they are not using that phone. It is a smart software that our detectives use to supplement all the other means of surveillance.

Nanny Monitoring

What other better way is there other than delivering video evidence? Well, the webcams are the answer to all people who suspect their spouses of cheating. The private detectives use these webcams to collect video evidence when the subject under investigation. The footage from the cameras can be stored on the camera itself or be streamed to a computer for storage. The nanny cams are the mostly used in households since they are not easily noticeable.

App History

This is also another smartr app that our private investigators use for surveillance. Once the app has been installed in the computer or a mobile phone, it keeps track of all the history of activities you have been doing only even when you clear the history on your browsers. It acts as a permanent storage of addresses and other browsing histories.

Contact Spy

This is a software that is used to give the real identity of contacts that are in a person’s phone even if they have saved it with another different name. All the detective has to do is to input the contact in this software and it will directly reveal the true identity and even the location of the user. This way, crucial information about who your spouse is seeing.

These techniques are used by the private investigators to help catch cheating spouses. Using all the devices at the same time helps a lot in giving concrete report.