Are you suspecting your spouse? Is he/she showing any symptoms? Have you observed the signs? If all your answers are yes & you don’t know what to do next, then this article would be worth reading. The article will also focus on the importance of a private investigator in infidelity matters. Before taking any big step you should consider trying some methods. Let’s move forward to catch your honey who is up to no good deed.

Method 1

Catch your spouse directly over the phone. A phone is a common utility in our daily lives and it is possible to catch your spouse cheating with the help of this tiny electronic gadget.

You can try phone sleuthing which is very easy if you are using old fashioned land line. You can record the voice of his/ her lover when the call comes while she/he is not around. Tapping is another popular way of catching spooky calls.

Using a baby monitor can be a very cheap & effective process. You can buy one from the local shops. Paint it in a way so that it looks like a toy, of course if you do not have a baby around, this trick might not work perfectly. There is a transmitter fitted inside every baby monitor, cover it up by painting. Be careful not cover the holes because it will hinder the sound coming in and going out. Put it in your spouse’s private talking places. Raise the volume from the other end and you will be able to hear it loud and clear. A private investigator will have much more advanced technology to unfold the truth. In case you need one you can directly call us.

Method 2

Put hidden cameras in secret places where it will be untraceable. Set it up when your spouse won’t be around. These cameras come in different shapes & sizes. A private investigator can get you verities cameras and you’ll pick the best one suited to you.

Install a GPS tracker on your spouse’s phone. This will give you the exact location your spouse is headed. You can certainly catch her/him red handed if he/she is lying about their location. You can also count the mileage with the help of a GPS device.

Method 3

This method is my favourite one. Set up your spouse and catch him/her in the act. It sounds simple but you need to prepare a lot of things to make your plan successful. Do your homework first regarding this matter. Set it like you are leaving town for a couple of days, prior to doing that place hidden cameras in your house & install GPS in your spouse’s phone.

He/she might try to avail this opportunity. Monitor the activities closely with your technical amenities. Who knows, you may catch the culprit red-handed. You can take necessary help from a private investigator to make your plan successful.

After the discovery deal with the aftermath & find a solution. Before taking any steps think about the positive & negative sides of your action. After all it’s your personal life & you are the decision maker of your universe.