Private investigators often work on infidelity cases tracking down indiscreet cheaters.

These investigations can last for days or even months, depending how “good” the cheater is. Most of the cases where private investigators were hired to find out if the person is cheating have proven that the suspicion was justified. Although there is no general rule who cheats and who doesn’t still there are some interesting facts that people correlate with cheaters.

Rock Music Fan

One of the assumptions is that cheaters are fans of rock music. The explanation behind this is that rock and roll is all about sex and music and researches have shown that 41% of the people who were cheating on their partners were into rock music.

Whose Cheating?

When it comes to defining whose cheating is worse, although there is no such thing as good cheating, it turns out that women’s cheating is far worse than men’s. When men cheat, most often that is triggered by superficial physical attraction to a woman. They cheat in order to fix their marriage and at times it can really work. That is until they get caught. However, when women cheat they do it due to lack of emotions and it often puts an end to their relationship. Many people think that cheating is a sign that the relationship is not working. You would be surprised to find out that people who usually cheat are quite happy in the relationship they have. Why they cheat remains a mystery.

How And When They Started To Cheat

So how can you notice if your partner is cheating on you? When people cheat they become cheerful. Some would feel guilty but that would be overshadowed by the thrill of the new experience. Many spouses would start wondering why their partner has increased desire for sex. They shouldn’t be overexcited as that can only mean one thing – they are having an affair!

It is believed that women tend to cheat when they are ovulating. In this period they are ready to mate and they are looking for their perfect match. Therefore, they decide to do extramarital things to satisfy their lust.

Cheating With Somebody They Know

Cheaters would usually cheat with somebody they know. Maybe they feel more comfortable then picking up a stranger or they have been attracted to this person without being aware of it. Over 85% of the cheaters have cheated on their partners with somebody from work, next on the list are friends and neighbours.

Cheaters Want To Get Caught

The most interesting thing is that the majority of cheaters want to get caught. Why do you think people who have been cheating on their loved ones for years suddenly get caught? Unless you hire a Private Investigator to follow your partner there is no way you would find out. All those little clues that the cheaters leave are just their way of showing they want the truth to come out. They are probably tired of the constant deceit. If you don’t want to struggle with yourself then simply don’t cheat! You would make everyone’s life easier!