At first glance, social media makes it easy for cheaters to make their plans nowadays. However, it seems that the partners who got cheated on are now using Facebook and other networks to expose the cheaters. Sometimes, the adulterers aren’t very discreet and the cheated can find out by reading their messages and Internet history. They can also find out by hiring a private investigator to confirm their suspicions and when they get photographic evidence, it goes public on Facebook.

Facebook Revelations

The revelations have been written directly on the cheaters’ Facebook walls or in status comments. The victims have also posted on their own News Feed. The contrast between engagement and pregnancy announcements and public exposure of unfaithful girlfriends and boyfriends is quite striking. For instance, a change of a person’s relationship status can lead to likes and congratulations as well as angry comments from bitter former lovers and victims of their adultery.

For some people, the growing popularity of the social media has worked differently. Several people in their twenties have publicly aired their “complicated love lives” which included details of their dating of older people for money, getting caught with those people by their unsuspecting younger partners and other transgressions. In some cases, the threads of conversation where partners call out each other for their own faults and wrongdoings can go on for a long time.

Expose Cheating Partners On Facebook

Other victims of infidelity choose to expose their cheating partners on Facebook before they confront them directly. Some examples include taking photos of incriminating evidence found by them or by a private investigator and posting them online with captions with the tone ranging from furious to sarcastic to unintentionally funny.

Social media break-ups are just another phenomenon in the long line of human interactions that now occur more and more over the Internet rather than in person. While some people send a private message of the “relationship is over because of the following reasons” variety, others take it to the next level by posting publically on a cheater’s wall and explaining that they’ve been dumped because of their actions. Sometimes, the posts include threats of revenge.

Publicly Airing

Many “other men and women” are also guilty of publicly airing their disappointment over either finding out their lover was a cheater or over them going back to their partners. Posts such as status updates and comments on people’s walls are quite common amongst that group of people.

Many of those stories and cases can serve as a warning to cheaters to either delete their social network messages and take care of their Internet history well enough for their partners not to come across it, or to plainly keep their liaisons off the Internet completely because a good, well-paid private investigator has the tool set and the skills to find the digital traces of the affair and launch an investigation from there.