When you find yourself in a position where your partner cheated on you. You will be angry as you have been betrayed by your best friend and your lover all at the same time and it will be hard for you to reconcile the two. It is a deeply painful experience and there is no guidebook or way to handle how you are feeling. Although there is no clear way of dealing with infidelity, there are people who are experts in the field who will teach you how to handle it.

These are people who have been in relationships where their spouses stepped out on them and they give you advice on how they handled the traumatic situation. These are real people who gave their advice on Facebook and Twitter who share how to deal with a cheating partner. Here is what they had to say:

A private investigator said that it took them a long time to get over what had just happened and she had to constantly remind herself that it was the partner’s behaviour is his choice and not hers. She has no control over them and there is a possibility that he will never be happy because he will be looking for something else. Then the problem lies with him and not her. She continues to add that that you are great and can handle the loss.

Let Go Of The Anger

This is usually the hardest thing to do but at the same time once it is done it will be liberating in that you will be finally able to move on. She thanked her ex and his affair partner for opening doors for her. Her ex running off with another woman gave her freedom to self-evaluate and find what is best for her.

Another said that you should act the way you feel by crying, screaming and having a fit. It is your right to be angry. People will be telling you that to calm down and pull it together. You shouldn’t listen to them but let your emotions take control.

Time To Evaluate Your Situation

She continues by saying that you shouldn’t react immediately and make a decision that you will end up regretting later. This is not a time to make any irrational moves, and you should think about what you want and how best to handle the situation. Sometimes it is best just not doing anything. Once you have had time to think then you can think of your exit plan. If you have children you will have come up with a plan to explain to them why you are all leaving and why the father won’t be going with you. You would know where you will be living and how you will be supporting yourself without extra income from your spouse.

Lastly, another private investigator said that you should absolve yourself from the responsibility that the person cheated. It is not your fault that the person went astray. It is due to their selfishness and not yours. This will take the burden of you.