Many a times, we tend to focus most on sex when referring to extra marital status; however, according to our experience, mental connection is equally very destructive to a marriage. How does this happen? The following story offers the best explanation for our claims.

When Vanessa, 34, moved to work elsewhere, she did not break links with John, her workmate. They met on regular occasions. However, as time went by, the friendship took another twist.

According to Vanessa, they tended to talk more about their private matters and other serious matters. She admits that she began treating John more or less like her own husband while keeping Chris, her real husband, out.

Dr. Shirley P. Glass, an American psychologist and expert in infidelity, admits that this kind of cheating is on the rise attributing to a number of factors – work relationships, internet liaison and the culture of long working hours. While we may look up on sex as the only damaging factor in an affair, we have discovered that having a mental connection with someone can be as damaging to marriage as sex.

Experts argue that when one part in marriage feels seized, an emotional affair indicates it is time to lower the heightened marriage temperature. This could signalize a gap in your relationship.

How To Pull Yourself Out Of An Emotional Affair

Considering our many years of operation in the investigation field, we have met so many people having emotional affairs. According to Dr. Glass, the only way to get out of this kind of predicament and be able to reconstruct a relationship is simply by discussing it openly with your spouse.

As such, it doesn’t matter how much adamant the unfaithful partners may be; we will ensure that he tells it all and provides answers to any questions that could help bring things back to normal. We believe that sharing the story with your partner is the only way you can forget about your extra marital affairs.

It is obvious that if you have very little time together as a couple attributed to your busy family schedules, chances are that one will be forced to find solace somewhere else.

Why Do People Experience Emotional Affairs?

Feeling frozen in a prolonged relationship is yet another reason why we find ourselves buried in emotional affairs. For you to feel liberated there is need for an intensive new intimacy. In this case, if you show more loyalty to the friendship at the expense of your marriage, chances are that your partner will feel seized.

One thing you should be aware of is that divulging much of your private lives to your friend, could mean that your relationship at stake. So the best way to create a balanced ecology in your relationship is simply by having more fun. Things like teasing and having a good time together is very important. And when you feel loved back at home, it is likely that you will not be so much engrossed in an emotional affair.