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Emotional Affair Signs

Hello my name is Charlie Hodgson and I am chief private investigator at Private Investigators UK. During my many years of private investigation work, I have found that most affairs are with work colleagues, friends, family, or people met via the internet.

But what turns normal innocent relationships into a full blown affair? Over the years I have found that before it becomes a physical affair it must first be an emotional affair. So how does an emotional affair start? What are the emotional affair signs? And what signs do you need to look out for in your partner? And how do you identify these signs in your partner?

Identifying The Signs Of Emotional Affair

All of these question can be easily answered once you understand the 7 most common emotion affair signs.

Sign 1. Talking Repeatedly About Someone Specific

During the day everybody will generally talk to many different people. In the evening when they return home to their partner they will talk about their day, what they did, who they spoke to and what they talked about. All of this very normal human behaviour. What is worrying and could be an emotional affair sign is when your partner repeatedly talks about a specific person and focuses on telling you about this person and what they said.

Sign 2. Start a New Leisure Activity

Most couple will start a new leisure activity together or at least discuss one or the other starting a new interest. Someone that is having an emotional affair will want to be near that person as much as possible and share a leisure activity with a new emotional interest is ideal. So if out of the blue your partner announces that they are taking up a new hobby be aware that this could be a sign your partner is having an emotional affair.

Sign 3. Being in a Good Mood When They Are Going to See a Specific Person

People that are having an emotional affair will naturally be happier on the mornings that they are going to see the target of their emotions. Whether your partner is naturally a happy sole or more of a grump in the morning makes no difference, what you are looking for is where their emotions are heightened; where they have an extra spring in their step for no reason you are aware of. Keep a note of which days this happens and see whether that evening they talking repeatedly about someone specific. If they do there is a good chance they are having an emotional affair.

Sign 4. Taking More Time on Their Appearance

It is not uncommon for people to spend time making sure they look good before leaving the house in the morning or when they go out in the evening. If you are worried that your partner is having an emotional affair look out for the times they make a real effort on their appearance. For example when they wear their best clothes, wear extra make-up, perfume or after-shave; when they take more time getting ready and generally spend the time the used to on their appearance when they first met you.

Sign 5. Distant and Preoccupied

Everyone has worries from time to time including your partner. They may worry about many things including their job, finances, their health, children or family etc. This may take up all their attention and make them distant, preoccupied and quiet, while they try to solve the problem that is worrying them. Usually within a few hours they will find a solution and turn back into their usual talkative self. The other reason thou that they could be distant and preoccupied is because they are thinking of someone else and they can be in this mood for days. This mood can be a sign of an emotional affair.

Sign 6. Watch Different Television Programs

Evenings in the UK during the autumn and winter months are generally dark and grey and there can be nothing better than snuggling up with your partner on the soft and watching TV. While you and your partner may not always want to watch the same programs, over time most couples will have found a set of programs that they can enjoy watching together. If suddenly this changes and your partner wants to watch very different programs ask yourself why? It is very common when someone is having an emotional affair for the person they are infatuated with to mention the TV programs they watch. Your partner wants to be seen to watch the same programs so they can discuss what happened the next time they see them. So if your partner’s taste of TV viewing sudden changed this can be a sign of an emotional affair.

Sign 7. Have New and Very Different Opinions on Subjects

Over the years people in a relationship will discuss thousand or different subjects, from their tastes in music to their political views. This helps develop understanding and comfort in a relationship. Over time these views may change but it generally is a gradual process. When someone is having an emotional affair they tend to simply agree with the views of the person they are infatuated with regardless of whether they actually agree with the view or not. A strange thing then happens. Because they have agree with these new views it leaks into their sub-conscious and changes their views and beliefs to align with their emotional lover. Suddenly you will find your partner having very different view on many subjects. If you find this happening to you then your partner may well be having an emotional affair.

Advice On Emotional And Physical Affair

Now you understand the 7 most common emotional affair signs you may be thinking is my partner having an emotional affair? As a rule of thumb if you have noticed less than 2 signs I would not worry. If you have noticed 2-4 signs then it is worth keep a closer eye on your partner to see if things get worse. If you have seen more than 4 there is a good chance your partner is having an emotional affair. It is time to act before the emotional affair turns into a full blown physical affair. If you are worried please feel free to call us at Private Investigators UK and we will be able to give you free advice on investigating emotional and physical affairs.