What are emotional affairs really? It starts with friendships and gradually develops into mutual feelings. Statistics shows that over half of all emotional affairs start out to be innocent friendships, but as time goes by, and as they continue to spend time talking to each other they start being increasingly fond of each other. Professional private investigators have advised that it’s very hard to detect when we are having an emotional affair because just as we stated, it starts as normal friendships and if we are not very vigilant, we may not even notice when it will develop into romantic feelings and if we are married, we may start having a secret sexual relationship.

Let’s take a look at some signs that you are probably crossing the lines in that friendship with the opposite sex, this will keep us alert to some warning signals, many have had and seen these signals, some may decide that their mates are guilty as suspected while others still get a private investigator to do some fact finding assignments.

  1. Sharing your marital and relationship problems—if you find yourself sharing problems you have in your marriage with this person, then you are asking for real trouble. Most of these friendships are mostly started at workplaces, were you may be spending the more time of your days than even your matrimonial home, if you start having a close friendship with this person and discoursing about your mate, you are already building a trusting atmosphere with this person, and when you always complain about your partner, you are putting yourself within the reach of harm. So if you think you are already going this far with a friendship, you should immediately pull back, as that will save you and your mate lots of pain.
  2. Testing the waters—you must have felt that you are in an innocent relationship, you are just friends; but all of a sudden you start sharing dirty jokes, showing them sexy things, sharing sexy pictures and when they post new pictures on social medias, you find yourself sharing, tagging and liking them, both of you have already started giving the green light that you are interested in each other, and if you are not alert to this, you may find yourself in a situation that may mean the end of your relationship or your marriage.
  3. Communicating at irregular times—do you find it difficult to stay for a whole day without communicating with this person you are friends with? Does he or she calls and texts you on holidays, weekends, at night and in the mornings, then I think you should now critically sit and think about your relationship. If you find yourself feeling anxious and uneasy whenever you haven’t spoken to the friend, then I think the emotions and intimacy that is rightly for your partner are now being offered carelessly to the friend. You should see it as time to draw the line before you go any further with the affair, so as not to be hurting yourself and your partner.

But what if you are deep into an emotional affair? What if you have a friend of the opposite sex that you share feelings with? How can you break free?

Though it may be very hard, I think the easiest but the toughest way out is to share the problem with your partner; it won’t destroy your relationship, rather the trust that was accorded to you by your partner will even be greater, both of you can work out ways to break off the attachment, maybe changing the workplace, going on holiday together or spending quality time together will help. Private investigators are people that can help you when trying to break free of an attachment; they can also work extensively in proving if your partner is sharing romantic feelings with a person of the opposite sex.