Being in an intimate physical relation with someone you are not committed to, is not the only form of infidelity. At times the intensity of an emotional attachment surpasses that of a physical one.

If you are concerned that your marriage is suffering through something of the sort, is important to spot the signs and avoid making mistakes which may lead to the end of your relationship. Following are the emotional infidelity signs:

Emotional Needs

It is understandable to have physical desires but at times the need for emotional support and attention can drive you insane. You might often look for support from another ‘close’ friend. This is the support you believe you should have from your partner. In order to ensure you do not jeopardize your marriage, such notions of support can be avoided. If you feel as if your relationship has hit a speed bump the best thing to do is to communicate your feelings to your partner as opposed to discussing them with someone else. It is also necessary that the conversation goes both ways. For instance if you feel that you have been investing too many of your hours and energy in work and have not been at home, it is important for you to spend some quality family time. This way you can learn and inquire about the recent developments in your partner’s life to let them know you are always there.

Spotting The Signs

Whether you feel the lack of attention from your partner or you feel like they have distanced, it is important to catch the growing signs of emotional infidelity in its roots. These signs are never too apparent which is why you need to be cautious. They may include you feeling very close to a new friend in whom you have found comforting qualities that you feel your partner lacks. You might also feel distant or irritable around your family and are okay spending alone time with the friend and venting to them about problems of your love life. Even if you do not see these signs in yourself, try to keep an eye out for them in your partner because they may be ciphers of an intensifying platonic friendship.

Investigating Friendships

If the above mentioned signs become too ostensible, it is time for step two. You need to investigate the intruder and ensure that your relationship is not ruined. At first you need to speak to your spouse and communicate your grievances. There are chances that they do not feel similar to how you do and might be offended that you do not trust them. This is probably because they do not recognize the signs or understand the reality of the threat. In the case that this happens, it is better to hire a private investigator to keep your mind at ease. There is also a possibility that the situation may not even be as you anticipated.

Truth Before Destruction

An investigation provides you with the truth and helps you save your relationship the right way. You can get a Private investigator to find out the type of attention your spouse receives from a questionable friend and offer that yourself. The investigator can follow them around and record their conversations to help you gain more insight as to how you can prevent your spouse from finding comfort elsewhere. When you feel that you have regained the attention and trust of your beloved, it is time to be honest with them and tell them how you felt. It is not smart to base a fresh start to a relationship on lies.

Hopefully, these techniques will prevent you and your spouse from doing something regretful. It is better to find compassion within a promising relationship.