There are studies that suggest that in marriages and other committed monogamous relationships that somewhere from 10 to 20% of the men and women cheat on their partner at some point. Most people assume it the men who are always cheating but recent studies have revealed that nearly as many women equally cheat as men. The reasons why women cheat on men are different to the ones why men cheat on women. The women’s motivation to cheat are based on emotional and physical arousal. Women would like to have an intimate emotional bond with their affair partner. Private investigators are capable to find out unfaithful women and men. Here are the five most common reasons why women step out of their relationships.

The woman will feel ignored, neglected or under-appreciated. Women who are segregated to one role like being a housekeeper, financial provider or mother are prone to cheat as they are not seen as wives, lovers or girlfriends. This will make them more vulnerable to look for partners out there who will stimulate the feeling of being wanted, attended to and appreciated. They value the other roles but being wanted is as important as those other roles.

Women Crave Intimacy More Than Men

Women would like to feel more intimate through touching, kissing, cuddling, gift-giving, meaningful communication and being remembered. They feel more intimate through non-sexual emotional interaction. If they are not getting their intimate needs being met by their current partners they look for them somewhere else. They will do this by getting into sexual or romantic relationships

When Woman Feels Bored

When a woman feels bored or lonely she is likely to cheat on her spouse or boyfriend. A woman who finds herself alone for a long periods of time maybe by being at home will find ways to keep herself busy. When she is bored she will look for ways to find meaning in her life and may enter into a casual affair or deep romantic one to fill the emptiness in her life. The woman who finds herself alone for long periods of time because her partner has gone for work out of town or country will turn to sex and affairs to feel wanted and loved. The woman who is alone taking care of the babies at home while the husband is away at work will find herself straying because she will be feeling lonely.

A woman is an emotional being and if she never feels loved or appreciated she will go look for it where she will find such feelings. There are some women who have an unrealistic expectation about what a long-term spouse or partner should offer them emotionally.

A woman who has an intimacy disorder will also cheat on her man or husband. Such a woman will look for emotional intensity rather than relationship intimacy and will make her step out of her relationship.

Understanding why women cheat will help you decide whether you would need to hire a private investigator or not