Even though many reports have proven that most people are unfaithful in relationships, it still remains an agonizing thing for the faithful partner. Having a thought that you are sharing your mate with another woman alone is very agonizing, imagine being kept in the dark, you may even find yourself asking “how long has this been going on for?” and even if you may successfully get past that phase, you will be having a problem with trusting anybody you get into relationships with in the future. How can you spot if your husband is having an affair?

Some have decided to get a private investigator to help them tell if their mate is having an affair, but even before calling a private investigator, there are some signs that should alert you to a potential cheating partner. Let’s walk through some signs that may be visible when your mate is in an affair.


How often does your husband mention the names of a female coworker? It has been shown that unknowingly calling the name of someone else during a conversation is a sign that your partner is fond of that person, so when you notice this, then you should pay more attention to your mate’s movements, maybe then you can call in a private investigator.

Sex Life

Don’t think it is when your partner tries to limit sex with you alone that shows he may be having an affair, there are situations when your mate enjoys sex with the new lover so much that he craves for sex even more; when your mate has a sudden desire for sex regularly, then I think you should pay more attention to him.


A cheating husband is probably nursing a measure of guilty conscience, but he won’t stop cheating, and so he tends to be even more secretive; he starts having ill tempers, and he flares up at the slightest provocation, and when you try discoursing intimately, he gets defensive.


When your mate starts looking even more attractive, it may be due to the fact that he is now paying more attention to his looks, when he starts buying even more fashionable and designer clothes and spending more time at the gym, he may be in some private businesses.

Your Intuition

When you are in a relationship, trust is something you try to build, many have a common believe and that is, the moment you suspect your mate of having an affair, you tend to lose trust in him, and not just trust, you get heartbroken, and some men would say, “if you don’t want to die young, never spy on your mate”, we tend to overlook the fact that our mates may be having an affair even if our intuition is telling us so. But it will be wise if instead of overlooking it, we take time to confirm the fact, if our intuition has been wrong, knowing the fact will be strengthening the trust we have for that mate, and if the fact is that our mate is having an affair, it will save us a measure of pain and heartbreak. Many have succumbed to their suspicions and they just call a Private Investigator to help them discover the reality of the situation, so the best thing to do if you see any of the signs listed above is to investigate FIRST before you confront the unfaithful mate with the issue.