My husband and I have been married happily (or so I previously thought) to each other for almost four years now. We have just had a baby that is now only three months old and we also have a son who is three years old. We were a happy family and all was going perfectly well, but then I received the worst news that any married woman could ever receive– my husband was cheating on me.

This happened on the 30th of December, I was going through my husband’s laptop for work, and then I suddenly came across a folder with a whole bunch of e-mails and messages that were exchanged between my husband and another woman.

Do I Forgive My Husband?

The shock that I received was unimaginable- I had never, in my wildest dreams, thought that my loving husband would do anything like that to me, especially within such a short time after the birth of the second child. So then I demanded a confession. I will not go into the intricate details of the process, but it did involve many endless hours of crying, shouting, yelling, denying, hurting, and all other types of negative emotional outbreaks for me to finally get a straight answer from my husband. As it so happens, the affair started back in October and I had no idea of it all along. Anyway, after that I thought of getting a divorce and leaving him, but my husband would simply not consider that option at all. He said that he is really sorry for what he did and also that he had no idea how he ended up getting involved in an affair with that “other woman”. Now honestly, I do believe him, to some extent. Some of the last few e-mails exchanged between them did contain some texts that verify his point. My husband actually sent e-mails to her saying that he can’t continue it any longer, and that he loves his family too much. I love my husband immensely, and after seeing all of this, I am just torn between my options. Do I forgive my husband and risk being the dumb woman who got played by her husband’s acts of fake honesty, or do I turn my heart into stone and walk away from him forever no matter how much it hurts me?

Talk To Someone

At this point, I realized that I needed to talk to someone; someone who doesn’t know any of us and can add an outsider’s perspective to the whole thing which will help me make my decision. I thought for hours and then suddenly the idea of hiring a private investigator hit me. Wow, a private investigator is really the best option for me! I could hire a professional spy to confirm what the truth is and report to me on a daily basis. In the UK, there are many Private Investigator agencies, which offer help like cases as such as mine and for company profile check-ups. The detectives they have are trained professionally to find out even the most well hidden secrets. These detectives can investigate anything from disloyal partners to technical glitches conspired to steal tons of money. I finally decided to call up a private investigator agency and set up a person to follow my husband for a numbered amount of days during which the investigator will investigate all his moves and determine whether he is trying to cheat on me again. It is easily the smartest and the easiest way to get out of this confusion and learn about my husband’s true motives.