Bill and Lucy shared their life’s story online. And here is an extract of what a band of good friends did for them to reconcile their loving relationship.

Give Time To Listen

Bill didn’t have much time to listen to all Lucy needed to share. So Lucy found an old friend (her college friend), Danny, online. They listened to each other and shared all their problems and thoughts. They found that understand each other and gradually grew a feeling that they need each other. They were in love.

Lucy had a quarrel with Bill about a household affair and at one stage she announced that she wants divorce. This surprised and shocked Bill. He never meant it. He tried to appease her with little success.

Marriage Conference

They went to a marriage conference which Bill won a ticket of. In the conference they understood that they have feelings for each other but they lack communication. This is not a big hindrance if they truly want a happy family. They just need to spend more time together. But Lucy was burning inside, she is in love with Danny and she has feelings for Bill. And Bill loves her; he has no fault for which she could leave him. But she cannot confess that she has done him an unpardonable wrong loving another man other than him. She lessened her email communication with Danny.

Danny, on the other side, had been having problems with her wife in UK who smelt the rat. Jane, Danny’s wife, appointed a private investigator of UK to dig the rat out of its hole. The investigator with his computer technology detected the communication between Danny and Lucy. The detector along with his assistant and Danny’s wife investigated the whole affair. Jane made a call to Lucy.

His Absence Which Is Responsible

Now Lucy, who was unable to confess her crime, had to tell Bill all, for Jane would call Bill too. She cried and cried and confessed. Bill was shocked and surprised a second time, but he managed himself. Lucy confessed that recently she has cut her communication with Danny, for now Bill is back to her, loves her and listens to her feelings. Bill understood that it was his absence which is responsible for it. He contacted the private investigators and was informed that most of the love emails are months old, the recent emails are really very few and Lucy did not talk of love in them. This assured Bill.

Bill and Lucy went to marriage counselors again and again. Lucy confessed all. Lucy confessed it in the church and Bill forgave her instantly. In the marriage conference- a person told that Bill is gift from God in Lucy’s life. Lucy felt it now and cried in Bill’s arms. They thanked the Private investigators to intervene in their life which has joined them back and brought them a new life of love.

Bill turned more and more understanding. Lucy kept falling in love with him every day.

Investigating truths always do real good to people and the private investigators of UK have grown much renown in this field.