One of the major underlying problems in any relationship is the suspicion of one partner being unfaithful. When a situation like this occurs in between couples, the wife or husband, in this case, will more-often-than-not deny the allegation. The wife in question would be seen as not being trusting of their husband. When a private investigator is invited to help out, the caught man will often will feel devastated, more so because they were caught in their deceit. This leaves the wife feeling played and abused.

In this article, we are going to look closely at

  • Tell-tale signs of cheating
  • Thought patterns of an unfaithful husband
  • How husbands respond when faced with proof/truth

When Trusting Becomes Difficult

When wives begin to suspect their husbands of infidelity, the first emotion that sets in is that of fear. They are scared of the possibility of the suspicion being true. While not all suspicions may turn out to be true, there’s also a possibility that the signs observed were completely true. The first question that comes to mind is…

Were There Problems In The Relationship?

Although most cheating husbands use this as an excuse, there are times when there are no obvious problems in the relationship. Most extramarital affairs do not just start abruptly; it usually follows a pattern like this.

Your husband’s values, ethics, and beliefs may be a determining factor as to the extent to which this unfaithfulness may last

Signs Of A Cheating Husband

  • They open up new accounts with email or social media and never forgets to put new passwords
  • They hide apps from plain sight and are not careless to drop their phones
  • They find a way to sneak out to unknown destinations to have “alone time”
  • After working the hours at work, they only come home to sleep at night
  • Their sexual libido increases exponentially towards you. You have to be able to notice this, especially if his advances were minimal in the past. This upturn in sexual advances may favour you but it could be an indication that they were turned on by the other lady.
  • They don’t have time to play with the kids because they are hardly home. When they are, they seem distracted and distant
  • They look angry and show less love for you and wouldn’t want to talk about the current state of your relationship

Private investigators always offer professional advice, there’s still a chance they won’t quit. This is definitely a wakeup call for you. Listen to his words and body language. It would be useful on your road to recovery.

After They Have Been Caught

With the services of a good private investigator, you finally caught your husband in his game of deceit. They suddenly may begin to act in any of these ways

  • They try to cope with your devastation and anger by telling half-truths
  • They struggle to end the other affair because they too have been committed to the other lady
  • They just break down with guilt
  • He can’t look you in the face or talk to you

At this point, they may work out ways to patch things up and save your marriage or would see it as an opportunity to walk out and head for a divorce.