Infidelity is just like a disease in your life. It just tears you apart!! Healing from this curse is painful and it is never that easy. Commitment from both sides is essential to rebuild the trust and reconnecting each other. Setting up things after an affair is not a piece of cake, it takes time. Speeding up the process might damage every effort to get it all back. Our private investigators are expert at telling what to do and what not to do in issues like marriage after affair.

Stop The Affair

Willingness of your spouse to rebuild your relationship is a major concern here. Stopping the affair by providing all details honestly & taking necessary steps to prove his or her trustworthiness can be the first initiative in this cause. If you seek our private investigators advice they would perhaps give you more details. Build a strategy and follow it, your marriage will have better possibilities to survive the affair. Who knows, maybe it can become stronger than before.

Immediate actions are very effective at times. Stop your affair and stop seeing you lover right now and see the results. Try to avoid keeping all contacts, this might send a positive vibe to your betrayed spouse. Dating, phone calls, dinners, sex and private chit chat- it all must end together. If your lover works with you in the same office then only maintain strict business relationships and avoid private lunch or closed door meetings for the sake of your marriage.

Sharing Is Caring

Share everything with your spouse. If your ex is texting you or trying to have a conversation, you should never hide it. Marriage experts believe that it is compulsory for couples to share each and every real thing if they are passing through the healing after an affair. If you partner is asking something don’t just hesitate to supply the requested information. In case you are not doing so, your betrayed spouse can avail the chance to hire a private detective to get the truth.

Don’t Talk About Previous Affair

It is better not to talk about your previous affair because things can go wrong without any notification. According to Peggy Vaughan, author of The Monogamy Myth: A Personal Handbook for Recovering from Affairs, the couples have to reach a certain point where they can share their past affairs without feeling any pain. If you never discuss, you never recover. The idea is to rebuild the trust, don’t say anything or unfold any disturbing truth. Be careful! Don’t leave any important details behind because when your partner finds it later he or she might feel betrayed again.

Show Empathy To Your Loving Partner

Your relationship can survive infidelity with the help of this powerful emotion. Give more time and space to each other, don’t just stop talking and listening if you want to speed up the healing process. You have to take the responsibility on your shoulder, don’t blame your partner and don’t upset things. In the end, if you are still messing thing up, just call us! Our private investigators are always there to provide assistance for you.