Most dating websites record a surge in business in the month of January. This is because it is the month of the year where most infidelity occurs. Studies have found that when a man strays it is not because he has found someone in whom he can’t resist but it is because there is a hidden meaning behind the cause of infidelity. Private investigators agree that there could be an underlying reasons why men cheat. Philippa Perry, a psychotherapist, looks into the common reasons for cheating and chances for recovery

Difference Affair Fear

This occurs in situations where one or both partners won’t open up to each other. These two partners will skirt around issues rather than work through them. They are both not willing to share everything that is bothering them and they won’t feel close. This leads to loneliness and they will seek out something that will fill the void. In most cases, the partner who strays carelessly is doing it subconsciously so that he can get caught and they can finally talk to teach other. They then will be able to address the issues in their relationship. When both partners realize that the relationship can only flourish if they both take responsibility and openly talk to each other, they then will have a successful relationship.

Too Afraid To Be Soft

There are couples out there who are afraid of being intimate and showing off their vulnerabilities. They are scared of showing their dependence and needs to the other person and will prefer to argue. There will be an internal struggle for one person to be right and make the other one feel wrong. This consequently will lead to one partner not caring about the relationship and will make them look for love somewhere else. In this cases, either one of the partner would like the other one to be soft and be gentle so that they can solve the problems they are having.

Fear Of Being Intimate

This happens when the relationship goes past the honeymoon stage and both of them are required to be intimate with each other. The problem occurs when one of the partners is not ready to be intimate with the other and would run away. They will move to another partner so that they can enjoy another honeymoon phase before things become too intimate. They will do this over and over again to avoid intimacy issues. This is another issue that private investigators agree on the reason of unfaithful men.

Sex Addicts

Sex addiction could be a reason why men or women stray out of their relationships. This is because they would love to have as many partners as possible before settling down. When they finally settle down to one partner they find that they are not satisfied with just having one partner and they will cheat on their partners. To stop this the sex addict will have to get professional help to learn how to be intimate with their current partner.

The Exit Affair

This is normally done as a last resort to end a relationship that is going nowhere. This is done to force the lady or man to break the relationship so that they both can be free.

If any woman or man feels that their partners are exhibiting any of these signs then it means it is time to hire a private investigator.