Infidelity of a husband can be caused by, for example, emotional dissatisfaction in marriage. Despite the culture that places a heavy emphasis on males being only interested in sexual satisfaction, emotions play a big role as well. Men’s lack of drive and ability to express their emotions are the primary reason wives sometimes fail to meet their emotional needs. Emotional voids are just as, if not more important, than sexual voids, which is why a very low percentage of men cheat by way of a one night stand – most cheaters choose to have a sexual relationship after building a semblance of an emotional one with the other woman.

Most men experience the feeling of guilt after cheating, but their lack of ability to express their emotions deters them from dealing with them properly and leads to procrastinating on working through them. Both the husband and the wife should create the marriage that they want with a space to dealing with emotions and room for appreciating each other. It is important to have this atmosphere at the marital home for many reasons, including the fact that at least half of male cheaters meet the other woman at their workplace. It’s also important to set boundaries as to the interaction that the partner is comfortable with.

Social Environment

Social environment can also contribute to infidelity – being surrounded by unhappy couples who cheat on each other may lead to conformity. The solution is to cut these people out of the social circle if the partners want to preserve their relationship.

If the wife is concerned that her husband’s behaviour displays signs that he’s thinking of straying, it’s advised that she should work on the emotional environment in the house, show more appreciation, both sexually and emotionally, for her partner. If he’s happy at his home, the chances of him committing adultery become much lower.

Warning Signs

Open communication, preferably without confrontation, is very important in a relationship. If the wife sees the warning signs, such as the husband coming in late from work, not initiating sexual contact, baiting her into rows or avoiding her in general, it’s important to carefully bring up the subject of marriage in general and have a discussion. If, however, the communication between the partners fails, on this subject and others of the sort, particularly if the husband expresses anger and mocks the wife for being “paranoid”, it is possible that he’s already committed adultery and is either feeling guilty or trying to hold onto his relationship with the other woman. It’s advised that the wife thinks about hiring a private investigator to investigate the husband. Experiencing negative emotions caused by suspicions about one’s husband isn’t a sign of a healthy emotional environment in the marital home, which is the responsibility of both partners. It’s suggested, therefore, that a Private Investigator can potentially be the solution.