All relationships in which the duo has nothing in common, to each other are doomed—I learned this the hard way. My boyfriend and I had been dating for five years. We were both 26 and had already achieved a lot in life. However, he was in every way different from me. Now, you might think that a relationship that had lasted for so long is sure to last longer, perhaps forever. But alas, there is no such relationship that is guaranteed to last till the end of life.

Differences In Perspectives

Moreover, we had our differences in perspectives, and finally decided to break it off and live on to our heart’s desire. So, after the break up, I travelled a lot, dated many men, danced at many parties, and went to many places, but no matter wherever I went or whatever I did, I always felt empty inside. Imagine my happiness when I found out that he felt the same. So then, after a lot of thinking and negotiating with each other, we decided to give it another go. We were finally sure that we cannot live without each other and realised that we belong with one another.

Second Chance

After that decision had been taken and that choice made, I fell in crazy stupid love with him. I never thought that this could be possible, but I actually started loving him more than I loved my parents, and this scared me. We planned all sorts of things that would make our future, but I knew his nature, and I knew what he liked, so I told him to pause for a second and consider what he really wants. I wouldn’t want him to regret his decision a few years into the marriage and blame me for ruining his life and all the adventures he could have had. In response, he told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to him and he would stick with me to Mars and back, no matter what. I am the one, he said, and nothing and no one could replace me. This made my heart melt like liquid lava. I believed him with all my senses of judgement. Then, as if on cue to the sound of trumpets that were playing in my heart, I received a phone call. It was his second girlfriend.

I fell from sky high, the sound of my bubble popping deafening to my ears. In the flash of a second, I saw all of his acts and all of his words on script, written to be played as part of a play. He had been cheating on me all along. Now, in view of this brutal phone call, all my hopes were lost. I talked to him and he confessed immediately. I had nothing left to me, frankly. All my friends and family were trying console and cheer me up, but I needed more than that. Being the person that I am, I had to have solid proof of something to believe its existence. So, I called up a private investigator agency and talked about the services that they could provide for me. I was a little embarrassed to bring the topic of my interest for investigation, but the agency explained that they did everything from solving small household thievery problems to mega-market crises confusions. I told them my problem and they assigned a private investigator to me right away. Now, I can finally keep all my doubts and worries away and wait for solid evidence to help me get over the situation.