Sometimes as a husband, you begin to grow suspicions about your wife that she may be unfaithful. It’s usually hard to put such thoughts away, especially if your instincts are telling you otherwise. Before you confront her, you may want to hire the services of a private investigator to get proof before she makes you look like you are crazy. Here are some common signs that your wife is cheating on you.

There are obvious changes in her social patterns

  1. She’s no longer free with people close to you

More-often-than-not, cheating creates quilt in the heart of the cheater. A subconscious reaction to this is that she begins to withdraw from persons she was once close to.

  • The reason for the sudden withdrawal from this person is because she feels she has disappointed the lot of them. She knows more people will be hurt when the truth finally comes out.
  • She may feel your close friends and family members are a better judge of character than you are and would be able to know what she has been up to.
  • If she never truly got along with your family members in the past, cheating will draw them further away because she feels she cannot get away from them.
  1. She’s spending more time with “her girls”

She suddenly is closer to her friends and is always looking for a way “to spend time with them”. Usually, this does not end up being the case every time.

  • Before you start panicking, you should understand as a lady, spending night-out could just be normal if it is not done more frequently.
  • Ladies love to talk, especially about emotional problems. She may not necessarily be cheating and confiding in her friends but it could be a sign that there are some underlying problems in your relationship that she feels comfortable talking about to them.
  • If she says she’s going out, surprise her by telling her you will be coming along. Do it so passively and see if she suddenly changes her mind. This could be a sign that she’s hidden something/someone from you.
  • If your wife goes M.I.A for several hours and comes back with the cliché shopping excuse, try to look at what she bought or the store she went. Most ladies like to talk about their shopping experience. Try and engage her and see if she has something to say.
  1. She has a new friend she keeps talking about

Most ladies love to share experiences, especially when they are new and exciting. If she’s suddenly drawn to a new friend and cannot stop bringing them up in your conversations, listen carefully to know more about the person. Private investigators believe, even if ladies try to be secretive about someone, they still tend to talk about them unconsciously.

  1. Look for changes in her spending

Keeping an extramarital affair often costs more than expected. This may seem paranoid but professional private investigators would advise that you start checking for receipts and credit card statements. You can even go as far as checking her car mileage to see if it corresponds to her claimed distance.

There are obvious changes in her behaviour at home

You notice she becomes distant from you or maybe she has an increased sexual urge. She does this to make up for the guilt she’s feeling. Also look to see if she spends more time on the phone. You could stylishly ask her who she’s talking to on the phone and hope she slips off and gives a clue, no matter how little.

While most women are known to nag occasionally, try and see if she’s making a conscious effort to pick up quarrels. They do this when all is not well. Similarly, if she doesn’t seem to care or nag about things she does in the past, especially if you have not made necessary changes, this could be another sign.

Try to create a romantic environment between both of you and try making eye contact. People trying to hide something find it difficult to look you in the eye. She becomes invasive to certain questions and tries to run from answering some of them.

There are obvious changes in her grooming habits

While woman are known to put their appearance as a priority, look for signs that she’s putting much more effort into it. If she suddenly starts visiting the gym or has become an active member, you may want to take a closer look. Although women tend to take to the gym when they don’t feel good about their shape, the reason behind this sudden “need” should be your primary concern. If she no longer showers at home and claim to do so at the gym, you may just have a wife that takes showers elsewhere in the comfort of another man’s bathroom. It’s also good to be sensitive to your wifes scent. This way you can easily detect when there’s a strange scent on her.

Before you seem all paranoid and go to accuse your wife of infidelity, we advise you to hire a professional private investigator to help you research your wife.