You are having this strange and unusual thought that your mate ,may be having an affair, you try to deny it even without trying to know the fact, but just many factors point to the fact that your mate has changed so much, it starts killing inside. Many who have had these feelings never waste time to call in a private investigator to help them find the facts about the issue, they just can’t live with the thought that the person they trust with their life could decide to cheat on them. What are some signs that your mate is probably having an affair? Let’s briefly consider some points.

A Change In Behavior

When your mate starts to exhibit an unusual behavior, when they suddenly lack interest in the things you enjoy doing together, when they go out without wearing their wedding ring/s, when they get easily irritated at you, when they don’t confide in you again, when they never share their activities with you or when they stay long after work for no good reasons, then I think it’s time to unravel the truth , because it’s obvious, he/she is having their loyalties somewhere else.

Birth Controls

When you the husband have had a vasectomy and you find birth control pills in her bag or in the medicine cabinet, then you should suspect her, and when you the woman is on birth control pills and you find condoms in your mates pockets or in the car, then I think the motives of the mates should be questioned, but if you still want to be sure, you may ask a private investigator to do some fact-finding for you.


Your mate works in an office, but as soon as they return from work, they rush into the shower, or before leaving home, they smell very fine and fresh but by the time they return, you passive different odors from their body, then you should pay attention to the mate, ask them questions and if the answers are not satisfactory, you should find the fact.

Electronic Usage

Has your mate suddenly set a password on his/her mobile without letting you know the password? Have they been more secretive with emails and messages, what they haven’t been doing in the past? When your mate finds it best to use the computer and internet late in the night when you are asleep, when they prefer picking their calls and discoursing with the caller in secluded areas, when they will hang-up more calls whenever you are around them, or when they have restricted your access to all their social media accounts, then you should critically consider what may be causing the sudden change in attitude.


When your mate has suddenly taken extra interest in his/her appearance, when they dress provocatively while going out, when they buy sexy underwear without letting you know of it or when they buy extra revealing cloths, they may be trying to please someone out there, so you should take time to watch carefully that it’s all being done for the right reasons or maybe the right kind of wrong reasons?.