Private investigators in the UK handle cases from many different approaches as they vary from one another. Personal cases that are reported on most occasions include cheating spouse and missing people or property. Our private investigators came across a case involving an affair and would like to elaborate more on the signs that couples should watch out for.

Husband Was Having An Affair

In one case involving infidelity, a woman called Marie found out that her husband was having an affair at the same time he asked her for a divorce. Marie had not seen it coming, She said: “My ‘gut’ was telling me that things weren’t quite right, but Mike had convinced me that I was just paranoid and insecure.” When asked to make a list of his unusual behaviour that could’ve been the signs of infidelity, this is what Marie came up with;

Everything Has Changed

Marie’s husband had started to work late and eat out with clients. At home, Mike seemed restless and always claimed to have work to do. He would close doors where before he had left them open. He changed his patterns like walking the dog or offering to do things for Marie in the evening. This gave him the opportunity to talk to his mistress. On her birthday, Mike gave Marie an unromantic card that was signed very formally where normally it would have been loving and romantic. They were no longer as intimate as they once had been and when there was intimacy it seemed to be just a physical act.

Become Short-tempered And Impatient

Marie said that Mike started to refer to a person at work named “Bob” as being funny and talented; only to learn that Bob was his mistress. As the affair moved on Mike started to lose weight and started exercising too. As the woman was twelve years younger than him he started dying his greying hair. He become short-tempered and impatient with her and the kids Marie soon discovered that the phone bills and credit card bills were all pointing to her husband having an affair.

Why Choose Us

With the help of Private investigators, all these concerns can be either confirmed or laid to rest so don’t hesitate to hire a private investigator when you feel insecure about your marriage because you need to find out the truth.