Do you feel something is wrong between you and your spouse? Are your relations strained of late? Instead of living in a bubble and convincing yourself that nothing could possibly go wrong in your relationship, you should at least think about the possibility that your partner may be having an affair. So if you have been observing unusual signs in your relationship, take a breath before you proceed with a drastic step. Before you dial the number and get a private investigator to confirm your suspicions, look out for the following signs:

What Is Your Gut Instinct Saying?

Is something distinctively wrong in your relationship with your husband? Is your gut feeling pointing at something? Does it feel like your husband is losing interest in you? Have the two of you stopped having meaningful conversations? If this is how you feel, then it is time to act.

Absent Wedding Rings

Sometimes, spouses stop wearing their wedding rings but are unable to come up with a viable reason for doing so. This could be their way of making themselves available on the dating pool.

Changes In Their Routine

If your partner has suddenly changed a set routine they have been following for years, without any reason or explanation, it could be because someone new has entered their life.


Sometimes when they are cheating on their spouse, partners tend to get forgetful about the things their spouses say to them. Whether it is appointments, anniversaries or other tasks, they get noticeably oblivious to their partner.


If your partner has started to distance themselves from you both emotionally and physically, it is possibly because they are attaining fulfillment from elsewhere; no one can go too long alone. If they have started being emotionally absent in your life, it is time to worry.

Guilt-Induced Behaviour

Sometimes, out of guilt, your partner might start ignoring your little blunders that they may normally be very vocal about. They may suddenly become very nice and understanding towards you without explanation. In other cases, the partner becomes very mean and rude, excusing their behavior with excessive work burden. Both can be signs they are cheating on you.

If your partner suddenly starts to encourage your social life and convinced you to do things and go to places they normally do not support, it may be because they are thinking of their own interests. Think twice before appreciating their kindness.

Strange Cologne Or Perfume

The common most sign of a cheating spouse is when they return home smelling of cologne you know fully well is not theirs.

It is even more common for men to come home from work and head straight into the shower without greeting you or the children. However, if you pay attention, you may be able to sense that their clothes smell unusual or that they are wearing too much aftershave.

Discomfort And Detachment

Sometimes your spouse may simply get very uncomfortable in your presence. This commonly happens because they think you might sense something and prefer keeping their distance.