How can you spot a cheater? UK’s recent survey on fifty cheating men & their ex wives gave us some clues. Let’s explore some more symptoms & how a private investigator can get you out of those.

“He always blames me for cheating & he has a password on his phone” – complained most of the cheated wives. The question arises, is he really cheating or it’s just a rough attitude? …

Sudden change in the mood & his/her straying from everyday routine can make things suspicious. “My wife figured it out, she told me about it without any real evidence & I could easily refuse the acquisition” – confessed a cheating husband during an investigation. In some cases you could get some proof also but you might not know how to use it! This is when a private investigator comes handy with experience & professional skills.

Although men are renowned for their dishonest behaviors, as expressed in the following statement, women too can be just as devious… “I could sense it, she started avoiding me. Her attentions were somewhere else & it was annoying.”- described a victim while referring to his wife’s unpredictable mood swings & unusual behavior. Our expert private investigators deal with very much alike cases on daily basis.

Physical Changes

Changes in musical taste & appearance may give you a hint of infidelity. Physical change is noticeable when a man cheats. Occasional changes in postures, looks & trying to become attractive will be the signs he leaves behind. Taking extra care of himself like pressing his clothes or shaving daily prove that he is trying to readying himself. There is a chance you might miss out a few of these signs, but a private investigator would never overlook a symptom.

Is He/She Asking For Privacy Frequently?

You can certainly judge which behavior is normal & which one is not. Taking time for him/her self is considered as normal but when things get out of regular pattern like going early into the work, leaving late & taking numerous private calls, might be spousal signs into the red zone. However situations vary from one relationship to another and in your case you might feel it is best to consulting with a private investigator to put your doubt at ease.

Radical Change In His/Her Sexual Appetite & Style

Irregularities in bed & wanting something new without discussing, can be warning signs of infidelity. During our investigations we have found out that men experience huge adrenaline rush along with confidence during sex while they move into an affair. Egos tend to grow strong & you can feel a masculine flavor inside him. Our private investigators experience in infidelity allows them to come up with something new that can be useful to our clients in every possible way.