Recent studies have discovered that one in every five relationships, the husband cheats on his wife. If you feel that your husband is acting suspiciously or has changed the course of several things in his routine that were the same for years, it is your right to look into the matter.

In order to find out whether your husband is having an affair or not, there are several minor things that must be accomplished. Begin with the following before you hire a private investigator.

Notice The Signs

It is important to notice the signs that hint at your husband’s possible infidelity. If your husband is acting aloof and distant or clingy and nice, he might be hiding something. Some husbands tend to avoid heartfelt conversations with their wives so that they do not accidentally speak the truth about their whereabouts and activities. Some are restrained in speech and come up with specific statements that are seemingly flawless. These signs do not mean that he is just taking time for himself, which he might say he is. He is probably out flattering the other woman.

All Lies

If he says that he is working overtime, find out if he really goes to and leaves work at the times he says he does. For this, you might have to hire a professional because you cannot afford to get caught in the act without any proof or evidence. However, you must watch out for emotional outbursts. If he gets defensive more often than he did before, chances are he is guilty about something that has placed him on the edge. Is he moody all the time? If his mood shifts drastically when he gets off a call from ‘work’ then it was probably not a call from work. It is time to let a private investigator do the rest of the work.

Investigating Any Questionable Activities

Ask your detective to keep tabs on him. Make sure that his phone is tapped to pick up any audio or video recording. You can even try and bug his clothes so you can listen in on any conversations you need to know about. The investigation should be carried out by someone you trust. So before you hire someone, make sure that you have carried out an adequate background check on the firm. Also, if you find out about an affair, it is always good to have the detective follow the mistress for a few days. Just so you have enough ammunition when that box opens between you and your husband.

Catching The Cheater

The last and most important step is the confrontation. You have to confront your husband at a time when he least expects it. Take him by surprise so he is not given the time to come up with a brilliant lie. Wait for him to confess. There is a chance that he denies all accusations and asks you for proof. Well, that’s when you bring out the big guns and throw incriminating evidence at him.

This way, you can save your self-worth before your husband diminishes it completely.