A lot of women suffer through the dreaded fear of their husband being unfaithful towards them in a marriage. They often cry about it alone or try to do something about it in anger. However, men may not always be cheating on them. Therefore, the latter reaction of a woman often leads to her contacting a private investigator from a well-known and functioning agency.

She has her husband followed and spied on only to find out that there were never any signs of infidelity in the first place. Hence, before women go on to spending a lot of money only to find out that their fear was driven only be insecurity, they must look out for the following signs. These are the signs that will give them a pretty decent idea of their husband’s feelings towards the marriage. These signs include:


The very first thing that men commonly do if they are cheating is, they get distanced from their wife. This is not always a decision that is consciously made – why would a husband want to trigger a question in his wife’s heart? It is always subconsciously done. So if your husband was present for you emotionally and physically just two months ago and now no longer seems to care, maybe there is something fishy going on. If he sleeps next to you without showing any interest in being with you, or if he prefers eating out with friends more than staying at home and cuddling. Sometimes, husbands cannot even stand being in the same room as their wife if they no longer feel the connection that was present once before. All of these are signs that he is distancing himself from you at a very subconscious level.

Change In Attitude And Appearance

Commonly, men who ignore themselves for years without changing the way they look, dress or talk suddenly undergo a massive noticeable alteration. Most often, this is the result of a new and fresher woman in their life. They might change their dressing sense, the perfume they wear and the way they make their hair. Though, many wives ignore this aspect as an influence of age, they should look out for an obvious change in attitude. Many men feel guilty if they cheat on their wives and many feel distant. If it is the latter then you know what to look for, but if he is guilty he might be buying you presents and showing too much concern that was never there before.

Secretive And Unexplained Activities

Has your husband suddenly started to “hang out with the boys” a lot? Then perhaps he is not hanging out with the boys but just with a single girl. You need to keep an eye out for him if he gets up at midnight and says he is going out for a drink, especially if this is a recent addition to his activities. This is the most common excuse men give to their wives.


Lastly but most importantly, follow your gut, it can never be wrong when it comes to your husbands whereabouts.