Have you ever wanted to hear one of a private investigators best stories? Click on the video and turn your volume up to find out what the top 10 signs of an affair are so that you can put your mind to rest!

Hello, my name is Charles Hodgson and I’m a Chief Investigator at Private Investigators UK. Over the years, we’ve investigated many alleged affairs. When we find someone is cheating, we have noted down the signs of the affair. And today, I’m going to share with you the top 10.

Hiding Messages Received On Electric Devices

In this modern world, almost all of us use electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets or computers to communicate and send messages. Whether that be through Facebook, Twitter, email, Snapchat, Instant Messaging, dating sites, or WhatsApp, et cetera. This type of communication happens every day, and is usually innocent — unless your partner starts hiding these messages.

Look out for when your partner has gone from leaving their phone or laptop open, to hiding their screen, closing the laptop, changing to a different application, or wearing their mobile like a second skin. Also, if they’ve recently added a PIN lock or password, starting going to a different room or taking a walk when they use their device. If they’re hiding their messages, it’s a sign of a possible affair.

Exercising More And Getting Into Shape

Most couples who are in a long-term relationship feel comfortable and may get out of shape, and put on a few pounds as a consequence. If a couple wanted to get back into shape, they’d tend to diet and exercise together. So if your partner, out of the blue, starts a new exercise or diet regime without discussing it first with you, this is a sign of a possible affair.

Spending More Time On Their Appearance

Before leaving the house each day, everyone spends time on their appearance. For example, brushing their hair, cleaning their teeth or polishing their shoes. Anyone who is looking for a new partner or in a new relationship tends to go that extra mile. They wear newer and smarter clothes, spend more time on their makeup, more time shaving — men, especially – their nose and ear hair, and women – armpits and legs. In other words, their appearance has become a priority. And if it’s no longer for you, it’s for somebody else, this is a very strong sign of a possible affair.

Wearing New Or More Perfume Or Aftershave

Some people wear perfume or aftershave every day, but people in a relationship tend to wear less and less as the relationship gets older. So if your partner suddenly starts smelling good again, or starts using a perfume or aftershave you didn’t buy, the alarm bells should be going off in your head. This is a possible sign of an affair.

Your Partner Has A Spring In Their Step

People in relationships grow to know each other very well; they get to know what makes their partners happy, sad, angry, depressed, et cetera. And because you know what is going on in their lives, you know why they’re in a particular mood. Everyone has a right to be happy and being around a happy person’s a joy, but if you find your partner has a spring in their step but you have no idea why, then you should be worried. Someone is making your partner happy, and you don’t know them. And that person could be a new lover.

Your Partner Buys New Clothes Or Underwear

Relationships bring some great feeling such as love, companionship and security, just to name a few. It also brings comfort, which tend to show with couples not spending as much time on their appearance, or putting on a few pounds and not dressing as smartly. As with exercise and dieting, if couples decide to smarten up, they tend to make a joint decision and do it together. So if your partner suddenly buys new clothes that he or she does not wear when the two of you go out together, especially new underwear, this is a sign of a possible affair.

Working Longer Hours

People’s working hours can naturally change depending on their workload. Just because your partner starts work earlier or stays later does not always mean they are cheating. But when someone is having an affair, they need to find time to physically meet with their new lover, and many, many people use the cover of longer work hours. So if you see some of the other signs of an affair, as well as this sign, there’s a good chance you know when your partner is cheating.

Your Partner Suddenly Starts Organizing Overnight Stays

Some people, when they’re having an affair, are happy to spend an hour or two together when they can. Others, on the other hand, want more. They want to go out for the day, evening, and especially they want to spend the night together. So if your partner suddenly starts organizing days or nights away, and especially if the details of the trip are vague and woolly, then start to worry. This is a classic sign of an affair that is moving to the next level.

Changes In Bedroom Habits

If someone is having an affair, unfortunately they will be having new sexual experiences with their new lover. This may mean they come home and want to show off their new-found bedroom skills. While experimenting sexually within a relationship is a normal thing, we’ve also found this is a classic sign of an affair.

The Sixth Sense, The Churning Stomach

Many people who found us describe a feeling more than facts, they describe a sinking feeling; butterflies in their stomach, a feeling that they know something is wrong. The sixth sense or churning stomach feeling, as I call it, is their subconscious telling them something has changed in their partner, and that conscious side of you needs to act now and find out exactly what has changed.

What always surprises me about this feeling, is how accurate this built-in human alarm system is in identifying change, especially signs of an affair. If you have this feeling, act to find out exactly how your partner has changed before it’s too late.

In conclusion, if you find yourself thinking, “Oh, no. My partner is exhibiting five or more of these signs”, I want you to just starting to investigate your partner as quickly as possible, as you deserve to know the truth.