Most private detectives like Private Investigators UK are very good at what they do. Gathering evidence on suspected cheating spouses is a niche market among private detectives. This is actually the most common type of work that private detectives receive and consequently, this is the one area in which they specialize most commonly. Thus, it is no surprise when an affair is discovered if the spouse puts an experienced private detective on the other’s tail. Regardless of having an affair, people naturally try to save their marriages, especially when there are children involved. There are many steps that can be undertaken to rebuild trust after the discovery of an affair.

End The Affair Immediately!

If it was not obvious, this is the absolute first thing to do after discovery of an affair. You must cut off all contact with your lover at once and assure your spouse that you have done so. After this, it is a good idea to move out for a while to let things cool down. The time apart can serve as excellent introspection time for both you and your spouse. You can inspect your life and reorder your priorities. At the same time, this allows your spouse to think objectively for a while about what he or she wants to do.

Talk And Rebuild Trust

After you have spent a while apart, it is best to sit down and have an honest heartfelt talk about why you had an affair and how you are sorry about it. You should listen to what your spouse has to say about how you hurt their feelings and make them realize this will never happen again. Be very honest and discuss what the future holds for your marriage. Then, rebuild trust by spending time together. This can take months or even years. Remember you were the one who made the mistake, and a humongous one at that, so be patient.


Visit a marriage counselor. You might be surprised at the amazing results a few trust building exercises can yield. There is often a lot of stigma attached to visiting a marriage counselor, but disregard this. You are there to save your marriage, not think of what other people say. Marriage counselors come in contact with many couples facing a situation like yours. They have an excellent idea of some underlying issues related to affairs. By helping you and your spouse communicate these, they can greatly reduce the tensions in your relationship. This is absolutely invaluable to have a happy marriage again.

Give It Time

The most important thing is to give time for your marriage to heal. An affair is not something your marriage can recover easily from. Often your marriage may never recover fully from an affair. You can never demand your spouse to forgive you. You can never say that enough time has passed and your spouse should forgive you and let it go. Generally, as you spend more time with the family your trust starts to grow naturally and you eventually earn forgiveness. Earning redemption takes a lot of time and effort. You must ensure that you fulfill your spouse’s every need and in time, things will become normal.