Recent stats in UK show that around 18.3% of wives have cheated on their husbands, 38.5 % of women have an affair with their colleagues, 19% would cheat if they didn’t get caught, 12 % don’t feel any guilty of infidelity & 1/3 of married women just do it out of revenge when they get betrayed by their husbands. In this adverse situation when you need support, our private investigators can manage everything that is possible.

Why Your Wife Would Cheat On You?

We fall in love & marry those who meet our emotional needs. Your wife is no exception to this. When you stop fulfilling her needs & stop giving attention to her she might become vulnerable to an outsider who meets her needs. If your wife is not honest about her feelings towards another guy, an affair is likely to take place.

An Affair Is Like An Addiction

That same emotional bonding which brought you & your wife together into a marriage is now transferred to someone else. When your wife is having an affair she would be attached to her lover the same way she was first married to you. As previously mentioned, it is like an addiction & when she tries to leave her lover she would experience intense feelings of depression & anxiety. Not only investigations, a private investigator may advice you to overcome these issues also.

Addiction Works Both Ways

The betrayed husband gets drunk to forget the loving memory of his wife but instead of getting a solution he makes things worse. If you are a wife reading this article then the best solution for you is to end your affair immediately & try to convince your husband to give extra attention to you. On the contrary, if you refuse to do so, your husband might hire a private investigator & patch things (starting from legal to financial) in favour of him.

Your Course Of Action When Your Wife Won’t Leave Her Lover

There are two recommended suggestion you can apply to approach this problem. First approach will be to compete with your wife’s lover. Even if she is deeply in love with him, try to meet her desires both emotionally & financially. It will prove that you care more about her than the lover does. You can simply outlast her affair by winning her trust since you have everything to lose.

If all your attempts went in vein & you are tired of solving your love life, may be it is high time you consulted with a private investigator. Among numerous options available when it comes to catching a wife, hiring a private investigator is by far the best option. A detective understands the law more than anyone else & hiring one minimizes the risks involved. Our private investigators are true professionals with advanced technologies & they have a tremendous success record. We guarantee that our services will definitely fulfill your needs.