Hello my name is John and the name of my wife is Jenny. For the last 8 years we were happy married couples. I am going to share something for which I hate Jenny now! I want to make it public. It will give me some relieve.

A Text From Somebody

It was early in a morning of this June. I woke up with the vibration of Jenny’s phone. She was still sleeping. My sister-in-law, Clara, was texting her to remind their promised visit in a hotel. They are good friends and often enjoy traveling far together.

That day I thought to reply Clara’s text (of course only to make fun). Then I found a text from somebody else wishing Jenny gm (good morning). As I was curious, I opened that message to see whether Clara and Jenny have a new friend or not. But I found that it was something different from friendship. I found that the message is from a guy named Charles. I checked the previous messages and found that my wife and he were talking about the positions in which they will have sex when they will meet next. I was thunderstruck. I could not believe that Jenny could do this thing to me.

I knew that jenny would get up soon. Another text vibrated the phone and then Jenny got up from her sleep. She wished me gm and went to bathroom with the phone. I heard the vibrations and tunes of sending and receiving several texts. She came back from the bathroom and left the phone on the bed.

Phone Locked With Unknown Password

This time I found her phone locked with unknown password. I realised that I need to get in touch with a private investigator very soon.

Then Clara arrived. We were in a hurry. I dropped my wife and Clara in front of a nearby mall and I stole Jenny’s phone tactfully. I broke the password and read all her texts and chats. I didn’t go to the office and went to my lawyer. According to my lawyer’s advice I appointed a Private Investigator to catch my wife red handed.

The PI followed Jenny for three days. He was updating me all the events. Charles and Jenny visited two hotels often. My PI managed to set cams in those hotels and got several shots of their intimacy. During that time they spent hours in hotel rooms.

After three days of investigation, I asked Jenny if she liked somebody else. She went furious and started crying terribly. But she didn’t admit her fault. Then I showed the texts from her phone to her. After that she became very nervous and begged forgiveness from me.

But I could not forgive her. The next day we two went to our lawyer. Eventually we signed on our divorce papers. I would like to thank my lawyer and the private investigator for their honest work.