It’s not very easy to see private investigators carrying suitcases and walking about, following leads or surveying people. Private investigators—a group of people who have the job of finding secrets and keeping it secret, they only tell those that have hired them. You may have decided to be a private investigator, but one question that still remains at the back of your mind is: how can I be a private investigator or detective? You can be a private investigator by:

  • Having the love of the job and a passion to do your best in it.
  • Taking the necessary trainings.
  • Getting certified and licenced.

Here in the UK, being licensed as a private investigator is the determining factor in being able to operate as a private investigator; but extensive and quality trainings and respected qualifications are the only things that can guarantee you a license. After getting the license, you will be watched for some time to know the quality of the service you deliver to clients and as you continue working in the field, you will be periodically tested based on your skill level. But what are the benefits that come with working as a private investigator?


Private investigators travel; they know different places because their job is one that requires that they travel and get to places they haven’t previously been in, and they learn to adapt to the area as soon as possible. Private investigators also have the privilege of knowing different races and different nationals, some even have the ability to speak foreign languages with ease.


Until man can invent a machine that has the intelligence of man and the ability to perform some of the tasks men perform, private investigators will still remain relevant in the job market. It’s very rare to hear of a private investigator that doesn’t have a job; either self-employed or otherwise, private investigators always have jobs. Some private investigators who may want to gain some few years of experience may work with private investigation agencies, they learn from more experienced private investigators and they build their skills in private investigations.


The kind of jobs that private investigators do is one that demands much from them; as mentioned in the outset, they even carry lots of burden, so it’s fitting for them to be paid well for their services. Private investigators earn much more than some of the white and blue collar positions in the UK.


Though they work on unpredictable time frame, they have a kind of free time that comes with their job. When they are not investigating active leads, they have free time, but when it’s time to work, they get back to work. Private investigators may travel for days, week or months and that’s why they are paid well.

Being a Private Investigator can be enjoyable if you have undergone all the necessary trainings and if you have the passion and love for the job. With time, you will come to appreciate your skills and ever increasing experience.