Being a private investigator can be a pretty exciting job. You could consider one of the detective jobs in the police department or look up for private investigator vacancies in private firms. You might even consider setting up your own business. These are the avenues open to you if the private detective field excites you; provided you satisfy the necessary qualifications.

The job market for a private detective is quite dynamic. Customers are always requesting the services of law forces or private firms to resolve various issues at their home, workplace or in the public or to corroborate evidence in case of an offense that has been committed or a crime has taken place.

Salaries Vary Depending On The Job Profile

You may look for a permanent position at a firm or consider taking up employment for a short-term duration, say 3-6 months. If you are seeking a vacancy with an organization, you will be loaned out on a contractual basis to law enforcement forces like the police, lawyers or commercial enterprises. Salaries vary depending on the job profile, and the average salary you can expect is between £10 to £25 per hour. What you get paid depends on a number of factors including the nature of the job, the hours of work expected, your prior work experience and the type of cases likely to come your way.

Work Experience

Some of the key requirements that an employee is likely to consider in the applicants include prior work experience – whether you have worked in a similar profile before or have a background in the law enforcement agency, training – that includes recording statements from witnesses, and the necessary certifications, say PIP Level 2 in the UK. You may also need certain other qualifications, for instance, a valid driving license to be able to drive around on your own or a passport, to travel abroad in case of recording witness statements or making inquiries.

Looking For Private Investigator Job Online

A favourite place where people hunt for private investigator vacancies is online. One such website that regularly posts vacancies in the UK are: Such sites will give you an idea as to what minimum qualifications the employers are looking for in their employees and what you can expect to earn on a daily basis. They also give a job description accompanying the vacancy, which will give you an idea of the nature of investigations you will be expected to conduct.

Local Regulations

Usually, there is no stated preference of employers on the basis of gender, ethnic background or age when they are looking to hire private investigators. However, local regulations may need you to be 18 or 21 years or older, so that you qualify for a driver’s license, can be issued firearms, etc.

Before applying for a detective job, ensure that you read the job profile properly, determine that you satisfy all the minimum eligibility criteria and that you have all the necessary degrees, certifications and training. Any related work experience you already have in the field would add points to your application. Most firms look for anywhere between 3 to 5 years of prior experience in their applicants. Check online for more details on vacancies in your area.