Private investigator or private detectives can perform multiple jobs for customers. Each job varies in its description and so does the salary. Likewise a singular detective firm can offer multiple services.

Private detectives can work as financial analysts. Increasingly, agencies including FBI are hiring private detectives who can work as financial analysts to work on complex financial cases. They are needed to use their skills to examine, detect and identify financial crimes and provide quantitative analysis of the financial information to the court. They play an important role in preventing financial frauds such as corporate frauds, false insurance claims, health care frauds, etc.

Detectives Can Also Be Hired As Security Guard

A private detective working as a security guard can be employed in various capacities. Often shopping malls have plain clothed detectives that keep an eye on suspicious shop lifters. Likewise they can escort important personalities and protect them from known or unknown danger. Private investigators can also be hired for personal protection. If one has been threatened and cannot take help of the police, private investigators can be approached who can keep surveillance and ensure that no threatening person or object comes near him or his property. Often they are cases when taking help from the police can be more risky, in situations like these private investigators are useful as they always on alert and with their careful observation and surveillance skills can prevent dangerous situations.

Detectives Can Be Hired Just To Investigate And Provide Proof

For example a wife wanting to investigate her spouse or a parent fighting for court custody of its children can get surveillance of careless parenting, people with similar needs can get in touch with private investigators simply to investigate. For appointment of some jobs you need to run background checks. Private investigators are the best bet to investigate people or situations.

Detectives Can Also Help Tax Collectors

Often people hide their assets to escape taxes, a private investigator can investigate and find complete information of the assets and compare it with tax paid to detect discrepancy. Detectives can play a role in identifying fraudulent compensation claim. People often make false insurance claims, private investigators can investigate and do surveillance to check the validity of the claim. Every year private investigators prevent thousands of dollars from being paid out in fraudulent claims.

Private Detectives Are Extremely Useful For Finding Missing Person

Private investigators can use their street contacts and years of experience to find missing person using their obscure practices. If a person has gone hiding or has been kidnapped, private investigators can locate them without getting attention. They can also track the bounty money paid to track kidnappers to get the money back and to reach to the missing person.

Private Detectives Can Work In Forensic To Investigate

Identify and seal the evidence. Their work is known to involve following of strict procedures and standards to produce proof which can be used in the court to testify for or against criminals.

These are only few of the jobs that private detectives can perform. Any job that requires discreet full proof investigation can be taken up by private investigators.