Forensic analysis has been vital in cracking some of the world’s toughest cases. Private investigators have been on the center point of collecting crucial information to be used on these cases.

Our private investigators and detectives are well experienced and skilled in handling cases of different magnitude. They cover the whole region of UK and offer the best services at a client-friendly prices. So what does forensic detective do? There are different investigative task that are at our disposal and we always tackle them with the highest level of professionalism. Let us now look at some of the jobs the detectives do when they join the forensic science careers.

Fraudulent Compensation Claim

Workers compensations are meant to assist the employees especially in the cases where they get injured in the course of duty. However, there are some instances where the compensation claims have not been legitimate. This in turn affects the business so much to the extent that some are forced to close down. This is where the services of a private investigator are required. There are different techniques that our forensic scientists use to tackle such cases, for example, we use interviews when we want to gather information from the different employees. Video and audio surveillance is also one of the most reliable techniques that private detectives use.

Tracing Of Missing Persons

It has come to our attention that people are increasingly going missing and it sometimes proves difficult to trace them since we are focused on other activities. A forensic science profession is the best solution when you intend to trace a person who has gone missing or rather one that you have not seen for a very long time, say a college mate. Our private investigators are experienced in solving such cases. With our wide network all over UK, tracing such people has become much easier. Our private detectives are legal and thus have access to some of the information in the different police departments boosting the process of tracing a person.

Personal Protection

Our private detectives have eyes and ears everywhere and thus can take up the task of making sure that you are protected at any time. With the experience of very many years, they have mastered the art of collecting information that is of security concern and acting promptly to it depending on the instructions of the clients. Our private detectives have a military background that is very essential in such scenarios. We work hand in hand with all the security systems in the UK to make sure that our clients are as secure as possible.

Employee Background Checks

Many employers have been seeking the services of our private detectives especially when they want to run a background check on any of their employees. We always do our best to uncover all the information that the employer will find useful in the employment process. We can cover as many employees as you want since we have a large team of experienced private investigators.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis and accounting practices are some of the areas that our private detectives have specialized in. If you think there is some embezzlement in your firm, then out experienced team of Private Detectives financial analysts will be more than glad to help you out.