One of the most common misconceptions about a private investigator is that the detective only focuses on searching for clues regarding cheating spouses but this is not true at all. More often than not, we have more than one job.

Admittedly, there are some detective jobs that might be easier to do than others but then again, we are not complaining. We truly love what we do.

It is possible that those who would like to learn more about detectives and Private Investigators would like to learn more about the different jobs that we do. Here are just some examples of detective career jobs:

Accountants And Auditors

People might be surprised about this but I already had experience with being an accountant when I had to check and balance the funds of a small company a few months back. I had to find where the wrong figures were coming from. Numbers are not my favorite but I had to do my task.

Security Guards

We can act as guardians of people and also guard certain personalities and establishments if they feel that they are in trouble. We make sure that we are going to do things correctly so that they will not feel scared.

Patent Search Analyst

This is where my love for researching different organizations and companies can be very helpful. I make sure that the patent is already okay so that it works perfectly and will be nice enough to use.


There are instances when we would have to check out some scenes wherein we would have to get forensic evidence in order to figure out how some situations happened. There is a chance that through the forensic evidence, we will be able to think about what truly happened.

Polygraph Examiners

There is a chance that we would have to check out people, who are doing polygraph exams and we would like to make sure that people will pass the polygraph exams. If they do not pass, we will then inform the other authorities immediately.

Spousal Inquiry

This is one of the things that a lot of people know that a private investigator can do. I cannot count the number of times that I would have to do spousal enquiry through the agency but then again, even though they all seem similar, there are always small differences with the things that we do each time.

Bounty, Property And Record Checks

We do a lot of checking about different things. We do bounty checking for those who are wanted by the local government. We also do property checking for clients who would like to make sure that some properties exist before they purchase anything. Anything that has ever been recorded can also be checked by any private investigator. I would have to admit that there was a time when I have also done some checking too based on the information that has been given to me.