One of the ways in which our private investigators collect information include video surveillance.

There are different jobs that require video surveillance and they include surveillance on a cheating spouse, tracing a missing person, vandalism, employee checks and other recurrent thefts. Our private investigators are well qualified and professionals thus can undertake any type of video surveillance effectively.

What Does Video Surveillance Entail?

Surveillance is one of the ways of gathering information and obtaining evidence for a given case. It involves our private investigators using high quality performance cameras to capture live video feeds which are of help to the clients we serve. If it is an indoor surveillance, we have indoor cameras that are mounted by the detectives. We can also take outdoor videos after we have tracked the subject. Our detectives make sure that they are not spotted when taking those videos. Video surveillance is mostly used in cases where the investigator does not have regular access to a place which holds crucial information.

For How Long Can The Video Surveillance Be Done?

Our private investigators always do the investigative job within the shortest time possible and deliver efficient results to the clientele. The length of the video surveillance can vary from that of hours to one which takes days. We use the best cameras and video surveillance equipment to capture clear videos which can be used to solve different cases beyond reasonable doubt. Our private detectives are well trained on hour to go incognito and take videos that the client is looking for.

What Type Of Video Surveillance Camera Should I Choose?

Our private investigators use different types of cameras when tackling different cases. We use the closed circuit cameras for public places and even at homers. These types of cameras record high quality images and videos. They are highly reliable and cheap. Board cameras are tiny and are usually connected to computers which receive the recorded videos. They are very effective and capture even slight audio signals to the accompanying video. Cameras and on-person equipment’s are used in cases of criminal investigations.

Are Video Surveillance Footage Reliable In Court Cases?

Most criminal and theft cases have been solved thanks to the use of different video footage. We always make sure that we submit footage that contains all the evidence and information necessary to solve a particular case. Before any investigation commences, we always discuss with the clients the objectives of the investigation and try as much as possible to accomplish them.

How Much Does Video Surveillance Cost?

Our Private Investigators are professional and perform the surveillance and forensics task within the shortest time possible. Video surveillance salary and costs depends on the nature of the surveillance.

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